Sunday, April 19, 2009


After enjoying a great few days in New York in early April, and then spending some quality time with my family and horses, I though life was great and then something happens that sucks the life right out of you. I've been looking forward to my daughter coming home from Saskatoon for the summer and spending some quality time with her, working with the horses and just catching up. My son is graduating from University this month and my youngest is graduating from highschool. My husband just agreed to take me on an Alaskan cruise for my birthday in September. Boy life is great. yeah right. Something happended today that kind of sucked the life out of me. Was at the farm today enjoying the beautiful day and watching my best friend Sherry work with the two yearlings and really fighting her body's urge to give it all up. Sherry has suffered through so much pain and discomfort for so long. She is a real role model. Through everything that has been thrown at her, she never gives in. One of her expectant mares today died from complications of aborting her foal. I felt so helpless today watching her die, knowing there was nothing we could do for her. Here I thought my life was so good and then an event like this happens and reality hits you in the face. It was very sad and heart wrenching. I loved that mare like she was my own. She was the sweetest thing, when she was pregnant, and a force to be reckoned with when not. Sherry was so together through all of it. I am so proud of her and look up to her for alot of things. Yeah life hurts sometimes, but we all have to accept it, pick our selves up, dust our selves off and get on with our lives and look for the bright spots I guess. I'm looking so forward to the other two mares delivering beautiful babies for us to enjoy and by the end of summer I hope to be back riding my young mare again and enjoying life immensely.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well I'm back from the bright lights of Broadway and New York City. We had such a wonderful three days. What a culture shock. Arriving at JFK wasn't anything different. the cab ride to Manhattan was another story. The cab driver we had was great. Took us on a great tour through Queens, etc. Looks like any other neighborhood in a large city. Got to Manhattan and the traffic was something else. Our hotel was situated very close to Times Square. So after checking in to our fabulous suite, we headed out for a walk. For a Canadian girl from Alberta, it was quite a eye popper of a place. People everywhere. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes and the lights and noise are non stop. We visited the usual places, Times Square, Central Park, Museum of Modern Art and the Natural History Museum, Top of the Rock in Rockerfeller Square. Took a double decker bus tour through Manhattan. We took our 17 year old daughter so you know we did alot of shopping. We were told it was very expensive in New York. Well depending on what, where and how you like to eat, we found some great places to catch a bite or have great coffee and cheese cake. Even clothes shopping can be had for those on a strict budget.

the view from the Top of the Rock (Rockerfeller Centre)70th floor. It was so windy up here, my husband was afraid we'd get lift off. Spectacular view. Great way to see the empite state building.

Times Square at night. Wall to wall people. The place to be.

hubby and I on the Staten Island Ferry. Best way to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

>When I stated on an earlier post about the carriage rides in Central Park. Well I was fully intending on doing the tourist thing and taking a carriage ride through the park but changed my mind when I actually saw them. The horses all look in fine shape and the carriages were good too, it just wasn't what I thought. There must be at any one time about 50 of these lined up and they head out nose to tail kind of thing. I always envisioned a more romantic private trip. They do a wonderful business. The only thing that really bothered me was seeing these horses late at night right in the center of all the action around times square. I don't feel there is a need for them to be out of the park and surrounded by all the noise and confusion. Even getting around the park during the day, they have to venture onto the streets into traffic. I can see how injuries and accidents can happen. Other than that I don't see a problem with the carriages continuing in Central Park.

We met so many nice people while we were there. Overall, New Yorkers are very friendly and love to talk about where you're from, what you've seen in New York and are very good at giving advice on what, when, where etc. One of the nicest people was a mounted policeman, can't remember his name, but his horse's name was Russell. He talked about how he became a mounted officer, and was very interested in hearing about our horses. Saw them a few times at night during our stay. Russell is the type of horse that doesn't get fazed by anything. Most of the horses used are either Percherons or Morgans, Russell is neither but is one of the best.

Our daughter is very much into theatre so really wanted to see a show. The first night we were there, found the Lyseum theatre, where the show REASONS TO BE PRETTY was playing. Well to buy tickets for Broadway shows can be expensive. There is a place on Times Square where you can purchase discounted tickets. We decided to check the box office at the theatre and sure enougn they were selling tickets for that evenings show at half price. What a beautiful theatre. Dates back to the early 30's. Was one of the first Broadway theatres. We tried to get tickets for the hottest show right now, which is WICKED. all the performances are sold out but they hold what is called a lottery before every performance. They hold back so many front row seats and then to put your name in and hope it is drawn. We tried but no luck. Was a fun experience anyway. Whatever your tastes, there is sure to be something on Broadway or off Broadway to suit everyone.

New York is wonderful. The whole experience is one that I think everyone should experience at least once in their life time. Central Park is the most beautiful urban landscape. Even better than Hyde Park in London. On a beautiful sunny day the place is just buzzing with Jazz bands, street performers, cyclists, loads of people and excitement. Spent a day touring Greenwich Village. saw the locations of many of the places from "Friends". visited "Imagine" the John Lennon memorial. Fresh flowers put on the site daily. So much to say. Took a ton of pictures and can't display them all. Must admit though that I am glad to be home and can't wait to take my pony to the most remote spot on the ranch and just listen to the quiet. I love the wide open spaces.

The apartment building from Friends!

The central walkway of Central Park on a Sunday afternoon