Monday, August 30, 2010


My sister Donna and BIL Mike on their cruise, February 2010

Summer is almost over and I haven't had a second to catch up. When I last posted, I talked about my BIL Mike and his battle with cancer. This is where I will start my summer. Our beloved Mike finally let go and took his last breath on June 26th. We had a wonderful memorial July 6th with over 100 family and friends. Mike's favorite drink was Gibsons Rye and on special occasions he would pull out the Gibson's rare. It was sacrilege to add mix to this so on his day we toasted to Mike and with each toast a shot of Gibson's rare was to be enjoyed by all. After many toasts and many stories we all became much closer and understood who Mike was. It was a beautiful day and we will miss him dearly.

After this I needed to get away and recharge so I took my daughter Angela, DVM 2012 and we went on a four day back country horse pack trip in beautiful Lake Louise area. It was absolutely perfect. It was just the two of us with a guide and a cook. Although our first camp was destroyed by a grizzly, it made the experience even more special. We just made a cook tent and a camp tent out of what was left and had a great time. It was nice to spend some one on one time with Angela. The horses we had were two great appys. One was a young horse named Skyler that had never been on a pack trip before and after two days and 8,000 feet of climb, he finally slowed down and took things a little slower. The little appy I had was a rescue that the Alberta SPCA has rescued about three years ago from a reserve. His name was Sunchild and he was the owner's favorite and I was honored that she felt I was trustworthy enough to take her baby out. The trip was too short and I would definitely go again, only longer. The scenery was spectacular and the company and food exceptional. This outfit is first class. Timberline Tours, Sue and Paul Peyto

Angela and I on our pack trip to the mountains.

Then in August, hubby and I went back to Manitoba to the family cottage in the Whiteshell. The lakes in Alberta are pretty scuzzy except for the mountain lakes and some of the bigger ones in the north so we headed east to enjoy some quiet time and great swimming. Westhawk lake is a meteor crater formed lake so it is very deep and clear. Over the past thirty years that I have been going there, the water has always been very clean and you could drink the water. It is now starting to show signs of over use and the quality is not as great as it was but the swimming is still great. We spent hours sitting on the dock, listening to the loons, going fishing and tons of swimming. Hubby and i spent two evenings at a little lake called Hunt lake with our simple fishing rods, our earthworms and catching small fish. It was fun putting the worms on the hooks and catching fish. We had our Golden Retreiver Rosie with us and what a hoot she was. She quickly understood if the bobber moved, there was a fish. We would pull it up and she would play with the fish. Not hurt it but paw at it until it jumped back in the water. It was such a special time. I will remember and cherish this time forever. We took our time getting to Wpg. Usually we do the trip in about 14 hrs straight but this time, we stopped in Saskatoon to deliver items for Angela for school, headed south to a little place called Abernathy where my husband's family first started out in the early 1900's. Drove through the most beautiful country. Who knew that Saskatchewan was so beautiful. Everyone claims, Saskatchewan is so flat that if your dog ran away you could watch it for three days. Not so. Absolutely breathtaking. Coming back was a different story. We drove from Northwestern Ontario to Edmonton in 14 hrs. Our young Vet student became quite ill and ended up in hospital in ICU. Developed a blood infection from a previous surgery that hadn't healed well and then working with horses all summer picked up some strange bacteria. While she was in hospital her younger sister and I cleaned up her living space at the clinic and helped her repack her belongings and got her ready for her return to Vet school in Saskatoon. So thinking okay, time to head out to our cottage and to the horses for some riding time. Not. Started a reno of our downstairs bathroom. What we thought was a simple bathroom renovation is turning into a complete reno of the rec room as well. Taking longer and of course way more money than we thought. Hubby and I spent most of yesterday putting up drywall and putting in electrical. Trying to save a buck my doing it ourselves as much as possible. Well after the 12th sheet, the last two being 10 feet long, I was exhausted and physically beaten. Had a hot bath and went to bed and slowly hauled myself out of bed this morning. Every muslce and joint hurt. The day wasn't all work and no play though. Went to the local horse show with Sherry from FV yesterday. Only been in one other show in my life and that was many moons ago with my old mare Schiroc. Just a little local show but fun. Thought I would take my young Mare Peps, so entered her in a halter class for 5 yr and up mares. Peps is a bit of a flighty mare. Gets excited and nervous. Thougth this would be a good learning opportunity for both of us. Spent Saturday, cleaning her up, practising squaring up, trotting in hand etc. She picked it up really well. Get to the show, and unload her and she is as calm as can be. The whole environment didn't seem to bother her. We practised some more and all went well until her little buddy Cat left her side and did her class. Settled again once Cat came back. Took her to the gate to enter the arena for her class and bingo, the anxiety and nervousness took over for both of us, her more than me though. I forgot all about squaring her up in front of the judge. she did trot well though in hand but would not stand still in line. All the other horses are standing nose to tail, very quiet and here is Peps, standing 90 degrees to everyone else and taking me for a ride in circles. Really wanted Cat for security. Right at the end of the class when the judge in making her selections did Peps decide to stand still. Left the arena and she was good and quiet and well behaved again. She's never been in that atmosphere before so hopefully this was a good learning experience for her. We were probably the talk of the place afterwards, " What a joke that was" but I don't care. I had fun, spent some great time with my horse and learned alot too. At least I didn't have to crank on my horse before the class and after as so many others were doing. Peps and I were just ourselves. No pretense or trying to be something we're not. So during all these things over the summer, I did manage to get in some pleasure riding. Helped FV with getting the mares bred. Ran for re election to the Summer Village Council. Kept my flower garden and rose garden weeded and they're still blooming. My other horse Blue is doing great. With his new shoes and his arthritis meds, you can't tell that he has navicular and arthritis. He still is not 100% and will never be but at least now he is comfortable and hopefully pain free and when we do get time to go out, we have fun. Haven't ridden at all in August, but end of July I had a good ride on each of my ponies and actually Peps and I had our first gallop in an open space. It felt good. She was having issues leaving the farm but with FV's help got her going and we had a great ride. I've also started making jam and jelly. The apples and crabapples are a bumper crop this year.

It is now approaching the first week of September. Maybe now things will slow down, the weather will straighten out and I can finally get back in the saddle and enjoy the fall colours.
p.s. I will add more pictures once I get to my own computer. stay tuned!

Monday, June 21, 2010


It's been awhile I know since I've posted. Been really busy but events in my life make me want to talk to my blogging friends. Firstly, my BIL Mike is not doing so well. According to my sister's facebook, haven't talked to her this week yet, Mike is confined to bed other than going to the washroom, which requires two people to get him up. He is having difficulty speaking and gets frustrated not being able to get his point across. She says he still has some fight in him from somewhere. Mike never gave up on a project, on people and now life. I know his days are probably few in number now and I want to thank him for being the rock in our family and helping the rest of us get through difficult times. He is truly a great person, the one who never said no, always there in times of need. I don't know how to add music to my blog, but I would like you all to listen to a special song. Johnny Reed, THANKYOU. This song I dedicate to Mike. Like FV says, we should say thanks to our horses, we should say thankyou to those we love more often too.
Now to new beginnings. My horse Blue has started on a journey to become a new horse. His old self again. His history in short is he has been lame on and off for years. We checked his feet, sent him to chiropractors, osteopaths, vets etc. and all those seemed to help him but never for long. My daughter, DVM 2012 came out with a vet named Barb from where she works and they took exrays, did some nerve blocks, even got some thermal imaging done and we have finally come up with why. He has developed Navicular in both his front feet. He also has arthritis in both his hocks. Well Barb and Angela started him on a program today of administering a drug called Teldrin, but instead of hooking him to an IV bag, they put a turnique on his legs and administered this drug directly to the site. This will not only reduce my costs considerably but he will get relief sooner. His next step is getting bar shoes with shock absorbing pads put on his front feet. He also is getting monthly Legend shots for his arthritis. He won't need Teldrin again for six months and then another six months after that and then hopefully just once a year. I will keep you all posted as to his progress. He has been such a good boy so far, putting up with all the needles, the numbing of his legs, standing for xrays and just everything in general. I am so proud of him and hope to have him sound enough one day to actually take him for a little ride. But if I can't, just get him comfortable for the rest of his days would be good too. So until the next time I just need to talk. Here's to the first day of summer and hope you all have a nice one.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


this is pretty close to the boat we rented called the Nanika.

Peps and I out on the trails

I know it has been sometime since I last blogged. My days seem to be getting busier and busier. At work today and things are slow so thought I would take this opportunity to catch up. Where to start. I guess at the beginning of May. Angela (DVM2012) moved back to Alberta from Saskatoon for the summer. She is working at Westwind Equine Services and is living there as well. Only see her bout once a week. She and I have been taking Thursdays as our day to go riding. Have to work this week so she is on her own. She keeps her young warmblood Eurus at friends close by to her work so she sees him regularly. Got him back from the trainers and is really enjoying him. Very different that her wild child Digger.
The first weekend of May, both Ange and Rob were h ome so we went to the lake and to the farm. They took me riding for Mother's day, a week early but it was still nice.

Robert on Digger, Angela on Classy and me on Peps

Went to Winnipeg for a few days early in May to visit my brother-in-law who is dying from pancreatic cancer. Sure glad we went. He is deteriorating quite fast. Very thin and frail. He is in a hospice right now and my sister is bringing him home now for daily visits. What do you say to someone when you know you won't probably see them again. it was really hard to say goodbye so we just told him we'll see him again in August. Although it doesn't look like he will be with us that long. It was good to spend some time with my sister, one on one. She had to put her baeutiful sheltie Abbey down when we were there as well. She is a very strong person and I admire her so much.

Ange and I went riding and took out Peps for the first time away from the farm. She did awesome. Even managed to do our first lope. She really loves to walk out. the next week we went again only farther and much more different and difficult terrain. She never stopped once. Kept on going although she was somewhat tired when we got back. Increase our length of rides and terrain each time so she won't get bored and help build her stamina.

Spent the long weekend in BC with friends. We rented a 36 ft Grand Banks troller and toured the islands. Spent our nights moored in Poets Voce on South Pender Island. I've never been before and had such a great time. Landed in Sidney and spent some time on each end visiting all the wonderful book stores, shops etc, The hilight of the four days was seeing 5 different pods of Orca whales. They are such beautiful, mysterious creatures. Also saw one grey whale, bunches of Stellar sea lions, porpoises, seals, bald eagles and of course the chicken of the sea, those pesky sea gulls. If you're ever wanting a place to get in touch with nature and relax and rejuvinate, then head to Poets Cove. The scenery and fresh air are second to none.

Poets Cove Marina where we moored for three nights

Poets Cove Resort and spa

Interior of the Nanika

Heading away again this weekend. I have a Small Communities conference in Mannville, Alberta to attend. Part of my duties as an elected official is to learn as much as I can and put what I learn to good use. It is an election year this year and I have decided to run again. Why, when it takes up so much of my time. Well someone needs too and I've always said, either put up or shut up. There's those in this world who complain about everything, everyone, that they could do it better, but when push comes to shove, they don't step up to the plate. This hopefully is my last committment for awhile. I just want to head out to my cottage, which is close to the farm, and ride my ponies and enjoy some summer before it is gone again.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Been very busy since Easter, hence the not blogging problem. Went to Banff middle of the month. Hubby had a conference so I got to hang out and have some quality me time. Did lots of walking, checking out the sites etc. there is this great wooded trail by our hotel, beautiful warm sunny day and as I'm walking thinking to myself boy this sure would be nice on horseback, and what goes down the trail in front of me, but the most beautiful dark golden palomino. Looked like a draft cross. Anyway, the thought of old time horse thief came to mind and I really started to miss my ponies. So I figured, there's a stable here in Banff. I'll just go and rent a horse and enjoy the mountains. I get there and see two beautiful appys and my heart is saying oh yeah, wouldn;'t it be beautiful to ride these trails; and then my brain takes over and says are you nuts. Why would you spend $45 an hour to follow nose to tail on someone else's horse. so I just watched the horses and went on my merry way on my own two feet really missing my horses now.
So this weekend, head to the Mane Event in Red Deer with Sherry from Fern Valley. Wonderful event, met so many nice people and was great to finally meet fellow appy breeders in the area. Came back late Saturday. Spent Sunday helping Fern, holding horses etc for the ferrier. Brought in my boy Blue who has had quite a bit of leisure time this winter. Still not going great. Was a real good boy getting his feet done and then although hated it, did free lunge for me to see where he was off. Seems to be in his back end this time. maybe stifle, hips. Will get Kevin out from Bluequine to take a look at him. Brought in my young mare Peps who hasn't had much attention the last while. I am loving this mare more and more. She has such a sweet temperament and is such a loving mare. This is the same one that I had my accident on over a year ago so I haven't had the greatest confidence on her, mostly my fault as she has been really good. Last time I rode her was probably over amonth ago. As I am bringing her up, had to pass by the two stallions. Of course she has to be in heat, so is stepping out pretty good, tail in the air, really flirting you know, so thought this could be good today but once I got her tied and started brushing her she settled right down. Get her saddled and in the round pen, lunged her abit and then go to get on and can't get the old leg up that high. Now what. I've never used any type of mounting help with her before so wasn't sure but found a concrete block so used that and she stood so well. Rode around for about 5 minutes, could tell she was bored of this so got off, opened the gates and then again, same problem, how do I get up on her. Cheated and walked her over to the hill and got on again. Didn't move an inch on me. This is the first time that she hasn't moved when getting on. We had a great ride, she wanted to jog the whole way so I think she's not going to be a problem in keeping up that's for sure. I felt so good on her. Wasn't nervous at all and my stomach didn't act up at all. Can't wait to ride again and see what this girl can do. Would be nice to have someone to ride with though. Maybe this weekend?
I don't know what it is but after spending time with my horses, I always feel refreshed, rejuvenated, just outright happy. Isn't it great what our horses do for us?

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter everyone! What a beautiful one it has been so far. Usually everyone meets here for holidays but this year with Angela on crutches and unable to drive we decided to go to Saskatoon for Easter. Left on Friday morning and arrived there in time for lunch. Our son Robert, who too is on crutches, drove up from Hanna on Thursday. Three of Angela's room mates were there as well so I cooked up Easter dinner for eight on Saturday. Loved it.

Angela is on crutches cause she had the plate and screws removed from her leg and Robert is on crutches cause he again put his knee out at work. This time it did not go so well. Ended up at the hospital where they took xrays and put him in a rather cumbersome full leg walking cast and crutches. He will be scheduled for an MRI and then hopefully can get this situation fixed once and for all.

After our very filling dinner on Saturday, the five of us went to the barn to see Classy. Now I'm not the person to waste a perfectly good opportunity to ride a good horse. After riding her earlier in the year, I knew what a nice horse she is. Saddled her up and had a great ride in the arena with instructor Angela giving direction and hobbling around the arena. Wish I had a camera. The others showed up and my youngest Cara, who is a good rider but hasn't ridden in about two years steps up on Classy and within two minutes had her doing what she wanted. She looked great up there and she was so happy that she has decided that she would like to ride with her sister and have her teach her a few finer points of riding. Cara actually wished she could of ridden Classy longer but it was getting dark and quite cool so we called it a night and went for coffee/hotchocolate/london fogs and spent some nice family time together. Dropped Cara and Ange off at the house and then Rob, Brian and I went back to the hotel and sat and watched the hockey game in the bar. Rob even bought us the beers for a change. Spent some more time today with them this morning and then Rob headed back to Hanna and the three of us headed back to Edmonton. Brian fixed alot of minor but important things in the house for the girls. A constantly running toilet, sinks without running water and sinks with no cold water were all fixed, Angela's bike was fixed and the front and back yards were raked and leaves put in the compost. Brian hates to sit still so he thoroughly enjoyed puttering and fixing things. All in all it was a great weekend all around. We don't all get together much any more and we sure cherish the times we do. It's so hard to beleive that our children are growing up and starting lives of their own.

Cara on Classy. Look at that seat and posture. She's a natural and doesn't know it.

Just to add. I went to a meeting last weekend for a Appaloosa group that I have been a member of for some time but have never managed to actually meet in person. Enjoyed the education session put on by Dr. mavis Holyrod DVM on deworming and vaccinations. Angela and I were actually able to talk about medical stuff for a change. After the meeting was a social time but unfortunately I had to leave so was again unable to socialize with the group but will hopefully see alot of them at the Mane Event in Red Deer coming up the end of April that Sherry and I are participating in. We are showcasing the farm and the horses as part of the ApHCC booth. Should be alot of fun. Hopefully I or we can make one of the many trail rides that this group puts on every year.

This is a picture of the cake I made for our meeting. Ended up having to leave it there without even getting a taste. Sure had fun making it though.

P.S. Do have a nice photo of the whole family but was unable to get it off my son's camera. He will send to me tomorrow and I will add to the post.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


We're back from San Diego and what a beautiful city. The weather was perfect. Not a bit of rain. Our hotel was stunning. Hotel Del Coronado. Our room was in the Cabanas, second floor and we looked out onto the pool.Very sheek and expensive but the compnay was paying. We rented bikes and cycled around for the day. Saw alot of the island and spent time in Balboa Park. The beaches are to die for. I got so burned though sitting around the pool. Actually sat back and relaxed and read a whole novel in two days. The trip home was an experience. I had been watching the weather channel and knew that the Denver area was expecting a major spring snow storm so when we got to the airport and our flight was scheduled to leave on time, thought maybe the storm had passed. Wrong. We were half way into our flight to Denver to connect to our flight to Edmonton, when the captain announced that we would be heading to Albequerque (spelling?)as the storm was too heavy in Denver. We sat on the tarmack for an hour until they decided to try to make it to Denver. We got to Denver and then 2 hours later we were told that our connecting flight was cancelled. Needless to say we spent the night in the terminal. Hundreds of us. Got home about 12 hours later that expected without our luggage. They found it though and it was delivered to us today. Now to the point of this blog. Sat beside an older lady and didn't really talk much at first. We got to talking about family, travelling etc. and I must say she was a real blessing. As I talked with her, her facial expressions and mannerisms throughout reminded me very much of my mother. She's the same age as my mom. She lost her husband after 60 years of marriage and was coming home from visiting her son in San Diego for two months. Found out she was diebetic and with the long wait in albequerque she was feeling a little weak. She travels with her own insulin shots but didn't bring enough snacks. Helped her get something to eat and drink and from then on I just felt I had to help- her throughout the whole ordeal. We sat together in the terminal. I tried to find her a place to sleep but only managed a blanket. At least she was warm. Helped her through that and then all the way to the lost baggage counter. We asked if she needed a ride home and she told us her daughter was there to pick her up. You know I really wish I had asked her name and where she lived. She was scheduled for cataract surgery today and I would really like to know how she's doing. I feel so good and I know that my mom was there at some time during this whole situation. I feel so blessed to have met this wonderful lady. I thank her.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thanks to FV, I found the picture she referred to in my last blog. This boy was an outriders pick up horse so he could really fly. I don't think I've gone this fast in a long long time. This picture was probably taken about 33 yrs ago. I'd love to feel that much rush again.

On another note. I have been puppy less all week. My son Robert who works down in Hanna Alberta. Very small town, not alotof young people his age. Anyway he was missing our dog Rosey very much, in fact more than we humans, so he asked if he could take her for the week. This was the only week that he could as they are expected to start field work next week and he will be away long hours and sometimes overnight. His roommate, Christie, justs loves Rosey and the dog is loving it there. She gets double the walks, double the treats and double the attention. I may not get her back. It seemed really guite hilarious. I packed her an overnight bag, with her bowls, leash collar, blanket, and her two favorite toys as well as her food. We were joking as to what other dog gets to go on vacation. I miss her so much. I haven't been out walking all week. She'll be home for less than a day and then hubby and I leave for San Diego for a few days. He has a conference there and he usually takes me with him if he can. I love these small freguent get aways, Like mini vacations.

Up date on my brother in law who I posted about earlier that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They went on a cruise at the end of February to the Caribbean. It was very nice but it took alot out of him. he had a couple bad days on the ship but the crew and staff were amazing for them. He has started chemo, only to help releive some of the pain. He was in pretty bad shape last week and was hospitalized. Dehydrated, low blood sugar, and other complications. My sister was sure that he only had a few days. She is off work now too as the strain of the illness is taking its toll on her too. We are on standby and if she calls that he is taking a turn for the worst than we are flying down to see him. If all goes well, we are scheduled to go down in early June. I just might try and go earlier just to be on the safe side. I want to be able to visit him when he's alert and still able to visit. This hurts so much as Mike has been a brother to me since I was about 10 or 12 yrs old. I'd like to go on a vacation with my sister after Mike is gone and hopefully get our girls to go with us somewhere and my other two sisters as well. We'll see.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My first two horses, Jigsaw and Big Red,

Schiroc through the years and Blue

Peps the first day I saw her

Peps and me this winter.

Thouhgt I'd better fill in the blanks about my horses. A number of you have commented how nice Peps coloring is. She is different I'll say that. But her story starts many years ago. too many really but I will try and remember. Who I am begins with my mother as a girl. She grew up in the days of horses more than automobiles. She wasn't afraid of any horse. She would ride anything from the cantankerous shetland pony to the big draft work horses. She also challenged many of the boys at the Swift Current rodeo that she could ride the wild two year olds before they could. Well she did it many times. Well that's where I get my passion for horses, which I have passed on to my daughter Angela. As I said in FV's blog, my first horse was a screwed up pie bald track pony that I named Jigsaw. I think immaturity and no training on my part and his wild, cantankerous nature on his part, made for a bad match. After selling him, a year later I bought another track pony. Only this one was an outriders horse and they didn't get along and he threatened to send him to the glue factory so I again let my emotions win. My gut feeling was right. He was a great horse for me. Loved all women, all kids and only one man and that was my dad. He was a standardbred/arab cross whom I named BiG Red. I was heart broken when I had to sell him. The stable he was at raised the rent so much that I couldn't afford to keep him. I to this day wonder how his life was. He was a great great horse. I swore then that I would never buy another horse unless I could keep it forever. Years went by, forgot about horses, got married and moved to Alberta. I still have a picture of the perfect horse that I wanted when I was about 5 years old. It was a black and white appaloosa with a white blanker and large black spots. About a year after we were married, I found an add in the paper for a black and white appaloosa filly. Told my husband I wasn't going to buy her just wanted to look. Well saw her and my life changed forever. She was 16 mths old, barely halter broke, crazy thing but I had to have her. My wonderful husband not knowing how long horses can live, let me buy her. After the sale was done, he asked how long do horses live, thinking this was going to be a short lived affair. When I told him at least 20 yrs. he knew that horses would be in our lives forever. Schiroc turned out to be my friend, my teacher, my kids nanny and teacher and much more. I bred her to FV's stallion Chile Poivre and got my boy Blue who is affectionately known as the little prince around the farm although he is now close to 15 yrs old and 15.3 hands high. There have been many offers for him, but he will stay mine forever too. When I lost Schiroc after 24 years, a huge void was left. I looked at many sites, trying to find the right horse and my husband always saying no more horses. Well I can thank Sherry for filling that void. She found an add, no picure, just written add for a grey appaloosa filly. We took the trailer just in case, but I really didn't think this was the one. I even told my husband we were going to look at a horse for sherry. Well she walked around the corner and I almost fainted. It was my old girl reincarnated. As she has gotten older, the resemblance is disappearing but it is like the old girl is still with us as Peps does things sometimes that are so eery. It is exactly the old girl just in a different wrapper. Peps and I have had some difficulties, but I think now we are one. She is such a sweet girl and I love her very much and hope we can have the same relationship as my old girl Schiroc and I had. Peps is my last horse for me. I have blue and now her and if I do decide to breed her to either Cactus or Phoenix, I hope some really nice foals come of it and I can give the world what I have in both my ponies.

Monday, March 8, 2010


The famous Welcome to Vegas sign where everyone has to have their picture taken.

Our hotel Mandaly Bay, just a beautiful hotel, great rooms, Angela wanted to take her bed home with her. Very expensive. We got a great package deal. Only way we could afford this.

this was the view from our room. What a way to wake up in the morning. Hubby is an early riser so he would venture over to the McDonalds across the street and bring us coffee and breakfast sandwich.

This is Fremont Street at night. You must see this. It is amazing. A 4 block long tv screen when at night they entertain you. It was a tribute to Queen the week we were there. and there was a great Johnny Cash impersonator. Had the place just rocking. We were there three times. Cheap but very good food.

Thought I would blog right after we got back from our trip to Vegas. But didn't. Vegas was nice, don't get me wrong but for a girl from the prairies and a bit of a Defender of the Environment, I found Vegas to be somewhat decantent and waste full. Talk about not being real. all the Casinos/hotels are all copies of the real thing only in much smaller versions. I guess if you haven't seen the real thing, they can be exciting. It was definitely worth seeing once.The whole experience was exciting and very glad we went. Another highlight was going to Toby Keith's Bar and Grill. Great food but some really weird stuff. Our hotel was the Mandalay Bay which is located on the south end of the strip. The view from our room was stunning. The pool area was great and we really enjoyed the Shark Reef acquarium. Hey if I can handle Manhattan, I can handle Vegas. We detoured out of Vegas for two days and toured the Grand Canyon and Zion park. Absoulutely stunning. Well worth it. Was good to see the country and the majestic peaks. It was definitely a surprise to find so much snow in the area.

Had a great weekend this past weekend. The weather was gorgeous. Saturday's high was 10 celsius or 50 farenheit. Went riding on Angela's gelding Digger. Definitely know you've been riding on that boy. Really moves out. Then on Sunday, I saddled up my young mare and took her out of the round pen, off the farm for the first time since our accident in October of 08. The road was in great shape and I think she really enjoyed the experience as much as I did. Felt so recharged. I feel like I can do anything again. Finally got rid of all the demons. Can't wait for this weekend. Hope the weather cooperates.

Peps was not to pleased. She thought we were done. Hasn't gotten used to the off and on routine. Not the best picture but all I have from the weekend.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Angela (DVM2012) with Blue when he was just a month old

Just thought I would update everyone on my boys. First my son Robert is getting quite settled in his new life living in Hanna. Work has kept him quite busy, reading, renewing first aid, safety training etc. getting ready for when they can get into the field and start doing some real work. He started curling there right away although the season ends soon. He says it a very sleepy town but once summer comes, he's hoping to be very busy working and travelling the province to really worry about finding enough to do in town. He is coming home this weekend for the family day holiday. Hopefully I can get him out riding with me. Load him up with more stuff to help get my basement cleaned out. It's amazing after 27 years in one place how much junk one can hoard.
Up date on my other boy Blue. (4 legged one). I posted earlier that Blue had a visit from Kevin and Sigrid from Blue Equine and how he had become the horse of old. Well he had a bit of a relapse it seems. When Angela (DVM2012)was last out we tried to head out for a ride. Blue seemed somewhat stiff bringing him up from his pen. Thought that maybe he was just stiff as hadn't been out much. Well the longer we went the more lame he became. He was such a brave boy. Tried so hard to go and didn't hesitate when I asked him. I felt horrible about making him go out. I got off him and we walked all the way home. Luckily it was only about 1/4 of a mile. Well called Kevin and they came out on Monday and low and behold, Blue had definitely done something. Kevin figured some of it could have been residual from the first time but he had pulled his stifle and was needing some adjustment to his back and neck. Less than an hour later, he seemed much better, moving out well and carrying himself better. Didn't get a chance then to ride him but hope to this weekend if the conditions permit. The weather is suppose to be good but that can also lead to bad footing, when its not quite warm enough to really melt the snow but just provides a slippery surface. Will wait and see. This is for FV, that if you had your indoor arena, I would be using it all the time. I would have used it on Monday and again this weekend. I would be putting the hours and miles on Peps. I know it takes more than one person using the arena to pay for it but just to let you know, I would be so in. I want to thank Sigrid and Kevin for making my Blue Boy better and if he disappears in the night, I know where to find them.

Robert riding Blue

Angela riding Blue and just look at that nice green grass and blue sky and bare armas. Oh will be so nice soon, we just need to BELEIVE. Do You Beleive?

The opening ceremonies of the winter olympics are on Friday. GO CANADA GO.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Robert and i did a road trip 2 summers ago and this is in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Southeast Alberta.

That same road trip only this time in Waterton Lake National Park. He loves to hike and he dragged up and down so many trails. I would do it again in a heart beat. We actually hiked into British Columbia on one of our hikes.

He and his sister Angela (DVM2012) and the dog on the nature hike to McGilverary Falls in the Whiteshell in Southeastern Manitoba

This is in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. No matter where he goes, he experiences the true natural side of the country

Snowmobiling in Whiteshell, Manitoba. One of his passions.

After all that hiking and stuff, one must relax and keep up the fluids. This is on one of the family trips to Cuba.

These last picturs are from different summers spent in the northwest portion of Alberta, working in bush camps etc.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, my son Robert, the oldest of my three children has moved away from home and started his future in Hanna Alberta. He starts his new job tomorrow with Tera Environmental Consulting. I am very happy and proud of him but also a bit sad. As parents, we enter into parenthood not knowing what our children will be like. What kind of person they will become. We spend our days, teaching, guiding, disciplining, and hoping that they will grow up to be good people,with good values, kind hearts and someone others will admire. Whether we are parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles or friends, we all have an input into how the children we are involved with turn out. My son has always loved animals, nature, the environment. Ever since he was a young boy he wanted to be a forest ranger. He could spend hours playing in the grass with his dinosaurs or animal figurines. He graduated this past April, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation sciences,majoring in Conservation Biology and Rangeland Management. He has spent the last few summers working with different organizations, living in bush camps, trailers or whatever but always out in the bush, studying trees, grasses, weeds, etc. doing what he loves best. These jobs were always just for the four summer months and he always came back in September for school. He is now entering a new phase of his life; starting his career. It's only 3 and a half hours from home, but it feels like another continent. I'm proud of him and know that his dad and I did a great job in preparing him to start on his own journey. Here are a few picutes of him over the years, doing what he loves best.
As a mom, I guess I am worried, will he eat right, can he look after himself, and then part of me is saying It's about time, I've done all I can. Time for him to, as his Aunt Sherry says, "Let go of the rope". Thanks Sherry for helping to raise such a fine young man. I think we've done good. Now it is up to him. Good luck Rob.