Sunday, January 31, 2010


Robert and i did a road trip 2 summers ago and this is in Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Southeast Alberta.

That same road trip only this time in Waterton Lake National Park. He loves to hike and he dragged up and down so many trails. I would do it again in a heart beat. We actually hiked into British Columbia on one of our hikes.

He and his sister Angela (DVM2012) and the dog on the nature hike to McGilverary Falls in the Whiteshell in Southeastern Manitoba

This is in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. No matter where he goes, he experiences the true natural side of the country

Snowmobiling in Whiteshell, Manitoba. One of his passions.

After all that hiking and stuff, one must relax and keep up the fluids. This is on one of the family trips to Cuba.

These last picturs are from different summers spent in the northwest portion of Alberta, working in bush camps etc.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, my son Robert, the oldest of my three children has moved away from home and started his future in Hanna Alberta. He starts his new job tomorrow with Tera Environmental Consulting. I am very happy and proud of him but also a bit sad. As parents, we enter into parenthood not knowing what our children will be like. What kind of person they will become. We spend our days, teaching, guiding, disciplining, and hoping that they will grow up to be good people,with good values, kind hearts and someone others will admire. Whether we are parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles or friends, we all have an input into how the children we are involved with turn out. My son has always loved animals, nature, the environment. Ever since he was a young boy he wanted to be a forest ranger. He could spend hours playing in the grass with his dinosaurs or animal figurines. He graduated this past April, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation sciences,majoring in Conservation Biology and Rangeland Management. He has spent the last few summers working with different organizations, living in bush camps, trailers or whatever but always out in the bush, studying trees, grasses, weeds, etc. doing what he loves best. These jobs were always just for the four summer months and he always came back in September for school. He is now entering a new phase of his life; starting his career. It's only 3 and a half hours from home, but it feels like another continent. I'm proud of him and know that his dad and I did a great job in preparing him to start on his own journey. Here are a few picutes of him over the years, doing what he loves best.
As a mom, I guess I am worried, will he eat right, can he look after himself, and then part of me is saying It's about time, I've done all I can. Time for him to, as his Aunt Sherry says, "Let go of the rope". Thanks Sherry for helping to raise such a fine young man. I think we've done good. Now it is up to him. Good luck Rob.


fernvalley01 said...

Thanks for the nod Deb, he is a great kid/young man and he will be just fine. Its always the ones left behind that struggle.I too will miss my boy Bobbie.You raised a wonderful son ,and he will never be farther away than your heart

GoLightly said...

Let go, and be proud, and turn up the Rolling Stones song!

Love that song..

All the best, ye'er a fine broodie, ya knows.
A rarity, indeed.