Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi everyone,

This month has just been a blur. I managed to spend a few extra days out at the Lake with my daughter Angela (chronicles Of a Vet Student). You probably all know that already. We spent our spare time, when she wasn't too tired from the Vet Clinic, just sitting on our front deck with a drink in hand catching up. Even though she is home for the summer, I don't see her much as she lives at the lake and I am here in the city. On the 14th I took my young mare to Sherry's neice Katie for 30 days training. I know it was the right thing to do but i still had some second thoughts about leaving her there. She is in excellent hands and now i cannot wait to get her back and start riding her again. Angela and I have been getting in some awesome rides the last couple of weeks. After over working Blue a couple weeks ago, he seems fine after the rest. Sherry wants him to be seen by the same fellow that she saw. Thinks he might be able to figure out the nagging things that keep popping up with Blue. Now for the part that you've been waiting for. Sherry gave me the most wonderful gift bag my prize. There is a journal,which she said would help me right down my thoughts every day and help with my posting. a set of four tea cosies, filled with poperi ? that when you place a hot cup of tea on them, the scent fills the room. Will try these tonight. If you don't mind Sherry I want to give Angela a couple to take back to Saskatoon for those late night study sessions. A very yummy scented Cinnamon bun candle. When its empty, I'm using it for a shot glass. A tin of Beaver nuts, (actually chocolate coated nuts) Thankyou my dear friend. You didn't need too you know. the next major event in this household in my youngest Daughter's 18th birthday. Now I will never be able to control her life, so she says. I'm not sure if I'llmake it through with this one. My wild child. Oh well, there is always alcohol!

Oh yes, someone else very dear to me celebrated a birthday on the 20th. My pooch Rosey, turned 10. Seems like just yesterday she was a pup. She got a sirloin steak for supper.

Rosey doing what she loves best, swimming in the lake, at the farm, and playing frisbee. Hope we have many more years together old girl.
Have a good week everyone

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hi everyone, yes I am still here. I've had a very hectic last two weeks. My youngest daughter Cara graduates from Grade 12 this year and her Grad was on Friday the 5th. You may think what is one day, well this grad has been ongoing for the six months but the last week was a whirlwind. Finalizing the dress, the jewellery, the shoes, how to get the hair done, etc. although these were all her decisions, the rest of us suffered along with her. The week started with the Academic Banguet. This was for all the students in the Advanced Placement program. Then there was Convocation on Wednesday the 3rd and then the dinner/dance on Friday. But it was all worth it. She looked stunning and the evening went off really well. Then there were the all weekend parties etc. Hopefully now she can settle down and study for those Diploma exams coming up.

Just got over that week and then it was my son's graduation from the University of Alberta. He received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences. After five years it was a very proud moment for him and us as well. He flew in from Lethbridge for the day and is now back working in the beautiful grass lands of southern Alberta.

As you can see, the preparation and pictures are not a big deal for guys. One picture was all that was needed.

One thing I have to help take the stress away are my horses. After Cara's week, I enjoyed a nice ride on my boy Blue although he did show me that he's not ready to be called old man. Kept me on my toes. Glad to see he can still have some attitude and that I must remain awake. But that's a whole nother story which I will delve into another time.

Sorry it took so long for me to blog again but wanted to put both activities on one blog. Till next time

Monday, June 1, 2009


Congrats Sherry for a beautiful filly. She is amazing. Just cause I got the day right doesn't make me the only winner. We're all winners for being sisters in our blogging community. I finally came to the conclusion that we don't need to be martrys to be successful. I'm talking about my lack of ability to get my young mare back to where she was before the accident in October. Always told myself that no one could train my horses for me. Must have a relationship with a horse. Well I've changed my tune. Been trying to work her on a regular basis. She's at the point where she just needs some time and consistency. Can't do that very well when I can only get to her maybe once a week. My daughter offered to help me so a couple weeks ago we decide she's ready to move forward. As soon as she was asked for something different, she bolted again and did what she did with me. Angela tried her hardest to stay on her and seeing her come off scared the bijesus out of me. So we both decided to send her to someone to finish her for us. She goes on the 14th of June for 30 days and when she comes back I am going to take a week's holiday and ride her every day. Then I hope I will feel like I've accomplished something good. I overcame my prejudice at having someone else train my horse and I realize now when I've bitten off more than I can chew and hand over the reins to someone else. At least I'll be riding her come mid summer and that was my goal from the onset. I want to be able to enjoy my later years from my two feet not from a wheel chair. Hapy trails everyone.