Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi everyone,

This month has just been a blur. I managed to spend a few extra days out at the Lake with my daughter Angela (chronicles Of a Vet Student). You probably all know that already. We spent our spare time, when she wasn't too tired from the Vet Clinic, just sitting on our front deck with a drink in hand catching up. Even though she is home for the summer, I don't see her much as she lives at the lake and I am here in the city. On the 14th I took my young mare to Sherry's neice Katie for 30 days training. I know it was the right thing to do but i still had some second thoughts about leaving her there. She is in excellent hands and now i cannot wait to get her back and start riding her again. Angela and I have been getting in some awesome rides the last couple of weeks. After over working Blue a couple weeks ago, he seems fine after the rest. Sherry wants him to be seen by the same fellow that she saw. Thinks he might be able to figure out the nagging things that keep popping up with Blue. Now for the part that you've been waiting for. Sherry gave me the most wonderful gift bag my prize. There is a journal,which she said would help me right down my thoughts every day and help with my posting. a set of four tea cosies, filled with poperi ? that when you place a hot cup of tea on them, the scent fills the room. Will try these tonight. If you don't mind Sherry I want to give Angela a couple to take back to Saskatoon for those late night study sessions. A very yummy scented Cinnamon bun candle. When its empty, I'm using it for a shot glass. A tin of Beaver nuts, (actually chocolate coated nuts) Thankyou my dear friend. You didn't need too you know. the next major event in this household in my youngest Daughter's 18th birthday. Now I will never be able to control her life, so she says. I'm not sure if I'llmake it through with this one. My wild child. Oh well, there is always alcohol!

Oh yes, someone else very dear to me celebrated a birthday on the 20th. My pooch Rosey, turned 10. Seems like just yesterday she was a pup. She got a sirloin steak for supper.

Rosey doing what she loves best, swimming in the lake, at the farm, and playing frisbee. Hope we have many more years together old girl.
Have a good week everyone


fernvalley01 said...

It is your gift Deb ,of course I don't mind if you give a cuple coasters to Angela , better yet I will take you to "The Country Pumpkin" and we can go nuts shopping ! It is the best little store!I LOVE those pics of Rose! hope she enjoyed her steak.

GoLightly said...

I still say the contest was rigged;)

I'm kidding!!

Happy Birthday to Rosie!

Thanks for posting, and keep enjoying those rides:)

To Summer, finally here.

CharlesCityCat said...

Love the puppy pics, she looks like one happy girl!!

fernvalley01 said...

Hellooo? wandering around blowing dust off the furniture.Are you coming back?