Friday, December 18, 2009


It's been some time since I last blogged but like FV I have been so busy getting ready for the holidays.I've made two Christmas cakes, christmas loaves, shopped, wrapped, mailed, presents for both families. Mine and hubby's. Decorated the house etc, and managed to fit a couple of days in at the office. But I think I am finally done and can now just rest and get ready for the day. Best news is that our girl Angela (DVM2012) is coming home tomorrow for two weeks. So excited to see her. I know it has only been a month since we last saw her, but we so miss her around here. She bought her Dad a webcam for his birthday and that has really helped. We can talk to her now and see her.
I am so tired these days, probably cause we've had such cold cold temperatures for the last two weeks or more. Haven't been able to get to the cottage, which also means not getting to the farm to see my ponies nor Sherry or to help her out. Going out on Sunday to help get hay and do what we can to get her on the road so that she and Martin can go Christmas shopping. The temperatures aren't suppose to be as warm as they first predicted, which was around -5 to zero. Highs of only -12-16. Oh well, warm enough to see the ponies and get some work done. We are very anxious to see the finished product on the renos. Waiting for the big house warming party. A real one not a virutal one although the virtual ones sounded awfully exciting.
Other than getting ready for Christmas, it has been too cold to do much else so that's about all the news. Oh I almost forgot, hubby bought me a new range for Christmas. Our old one was in the house when we bought it and we have lived here for 27 years so don't really know how old it was. Moved into the 21st century though and got a smooth top self cleaning. No more sticking my head in the oven and inhaling all those wonderful fumes. Doesn't seem like much but I am really excited about it. It is a challenge though, the heat is almost instant and it is very hot. I've only had one mishap so far and learned from that one.
Not much else, just looking forward to having my family all together and spending a nice Christmas at home. We are hoping to maybe getting to Banff or Jasper of a day or so. The kids want to go skiing for a day and I would just like to visit the mountains and take in their beauty. doesn't matter how many times I go, the mountains still remain very special to me and my family. Probably won't hear from me till after Christmas so just want to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A SAFE, HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR and we'll talk to you all in 2010.

This is the road on the farm that we love to ride down both winter and summer.

This is one of the farms we pass on our way to Fern Valley and to our cottage.

This is Rosey and Winston playing before Skitter arrived. Now it is the three of them always rough housing around.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


(this picture was taken years ago when my three kids were quite small. We love snowmobiling and this is one of our favorite runs. this is me and the three kids)

Well it certainly was a strange but nice weekend. Here it is the end of November and it feels more like September. We usually have snow at this time of year. We got a small dumping last Friday night and it has managed to stay somewhat. All it has really done is make things miserable. After the snow, we got rain, not just a little bit but the most rain in November in over 50 years. All this managed to do was make the ground very slippery. After suffering with a headache for four days and sitting through two long meetings, I was really looking forward to heading out to the cottage and spending some time with my ponies at the farm. Well went to the farm on Saturday and hubby and I helped Sherry and Martin feeding the animals, moving bales etc. Since her house is in total chaos from the renos we had them over for supper, homegrown steaks, shrimp, scalloped potatoes. Thought we would play one game of scrabble before calling it a night. Sherry was kicking our butts until the last round. I added a 2 letter ending to an existing word and pulled ahead of her by 15 points. She'll get me next time for sure. Sunday started out quite dreary, overcast, warm and raining. Still wasn't feeling good though. I think I have a touch of the flu. Decided to stay away from the farm and try and get some decorating done for Christmas. After all it is just 25 days away. Felt really quilty though driving home as the sun was shining, +6 and I didn't get on my horses this weekend. Convinced myself that the footing was probably still really iffy. I guess I could've used the round pen. But my stomach feeling the way it did for most of the day, it was propably a good thing that I didn't try and ride. It was anyway a very nice relazing weekend. Where is my title in all this. I love the snow. It creates a different painting all the time. The cold temperatures I don't like, but I love the snow. Sure hope we get some soon as this in between brown on brown and ice is the pits. Thought I would add a couple of pictures from around our cottage during the winter.

(this is out our back window of our cottage)

(annual Christmas/New years hockey game on the lake)

Monday, November 23, 2009


This past weekend was another great adventure and full of excitement. Angela and I returned safely from Saskatoon so on Friday morning we head out to the farm to see the boys. We saddled up Blue and Digger and went for an amazing ride even though many of our favorite trails have been fenced off now due to the quad/skidoo trails being promoted in the area. We did find a nice trail though that is usually very boggy and unpasable with the horses. Been so dry this year and with the cold weather, the swamp was dry and hard and we had no trouble crossing it. We were out for about an hour and a half. Was one of those cloudy, damp cold days but we didn't feel the cold. Came back from there and Angela helped me with my filly Peps. Rode in the arena for awhile, she brought Blue in to get Peps used to working with other horses. After about twenty minutes, we ventured out of the round pen and went on our first trail ride. Just a little ride, but Peps was great. Wanted to be in the lead all the time. That way Blue couldn't giver her the evil eye and intmidate her. Sherry was surprised we went the way we did. She calls it the rabbit run. She had a bad wreck some years ago on her mare Get Rich Quick when a rabbit darted across the road and spooked Richie. I felt we might as well get it over with first but no bunnies so all went well. Then after finishing with Peps, Angela pulled out her baby Eurus, all 16 hands of him I'm sure. he is one big two year old. After a short coffee break with Sherry we headed home and the partying began in ernest for Angela and her brother and sister. It was really nice seeing the three of them head out together for the same event. It was a sisters weekend and the only boy allowed other than for dancing was their brother. After Friday, and then again Saturday till the wee hours of the morning, we celebrated Angela's 21st birthday on Sunday with Brunch and tea and cake before she headed home to Saskatoon. It was a great weekend and now I'm counting down the days until Angela is home and we are all together again. 26 days and counting.

This picture was taken many years ago. Angela was a horsewoman right from an early age. My old mare Schiroc was a good teacher. Can you also see a pattern here with my horses. I seem to be stuck on blue roans. This is my boy Blue's mama and Sherry's old stud Chile Poivre, pictured on her latest blog is his Dad.

I think I will add old photos with every post I do just to make it interesting.
What do ya think?

Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm back from Saskatoon. Helped Angela drive back. Had a great two days. Although the bus ride seemed like the trip from Hell. This bus stopped at every small not even on the map town in Saskatchewan. Had to laugh though. Since the incident last summer on the greyhound bus in Manitoba, their security measures have supposed to be vamped up. At your originating city, they check all your bags, and all your carry on, which is supposed to be limited to one small bag with reading material etc. No clothes, weapons, sharp objects, no glass bottles. Okay I'm with this. Safety is paramount. What seemed ludikrist to me was at the first stop, 10 mins long, a woman gets on the bus with a full duffle bag and takes up the whole seat beside her and another woman gets on with a glass bottle of ice tea that she purchased in the store. Now both of these women were harmless but what is the use of security measures when the bus makes several stops and anyone can get on and bring on anything including weapons etc. Seems rather riduculous to me to go through all of these increased security measures and then let these things happen along route. Any way enough on this. My visit with Angela was great. We went to the barn to see Classy and she let me take Classy for a ride around the arena. What a blast. I felt so comfortable and at home on her. These abilities have been hiding now for some time and I think I have found them again. She is a great young filly with so much potential. she will make some lucky person a very good friend and partner. Check out the video. I also went for some great walks, stopping at the local Timmy's for coffee and checking out the two huge book stores, McNally Robinson and Indigo. Bad place for me to be. Can't go into a book store and not buy anything. Found some great Christmas presents. We went for dinner to a great Mexican restaurant and then headed to the local 50 some flavours Gilato shop for dessert. It was really great having some time with just her and I. Enjoyed our drive back and now she is home for a couple of days partying and visiting with her old friends from the U of A. The phone has been ringing off the hook all day. Before she leaves for Saskatoon, we are going to celebrate her 21st birthday which isn't officially until the end of the month. We had a great day today, but that's for another blog. Hopefully this weekend I will get to it.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Excuse the quality, Sherry used her cell phone for these

I think I almost have the seat and position. My line is almost straight.

yes I know I said that after my trip to Calgary that I would post. I know it's been a week or so but honestly, my life is a blur right now. I should fill you in on the darker side of my life. I don't know if I have ever talked about this part of my life or not but this is what has been taking all of my time lately. I am the CEO (chief Elected Official) for our small summer village. We may be small, but we face the same challenges as do the bigger communities, only with a much smaller revenue. Our Council meetings have the same procedures and importance as the larger ones do. We've been having alot of trouble lately with a small organization within our village. Needless to say this has been causing much stress and contention. Well I finally had enough and had one certain person removed from our meeting. Boy it felt good to actually use the powers that be and are entitled. It is a three year term and I would say that 90% of the last two and a half years has been a great experience and I am proud of what the three of us have done. It is an election year in 2010 so don't know yet whether I will run again. Anyway enough of that. On to the brighter side of my life, other than my family. My horses. I have been quite envious of DVM 2012, and her success with Classy. The weekend was finally nice and nothing much else to take me away, other than going to get hay, help with feeding etc. but I love doing that so I don't find them chores. Saturday, helped Sherry with chores and then brought in my young mare Peps and lunged her and saddled her up. She hasn't had alot of attention lately so wasn't sure how she would take to things again. Don't know why I worry. She was an absolute doll. Well it was getting late so thought better of getting on her and set Sunday as my goal. Well after helping with hay and stalls etc. brought Peps in again and did the same routine, only this time I stepped right up and all went well. With Sherry's guidiance and encouragement, she helped me over a couple of small stumbling blocks. Near the end of our ride, I must admit I felt good and Peps was again a doll. I realize that it is not her, that I am afraid, but myself. I need to convince myself that I CAN ride. The accident was just a blip on the radar and that if I just relax and let my inner self take over that I will be out on the trails with her real soon and that our troubles are over. At my age, I guess my brain overthinks and takes control. I've ben letting it tell me what I can and can't do. I can't wait to get on her again and continue building a solid relationship of trust and confidence. I leave for Saskatoon tomorrow to visit with Ange for a couple days and then we are driving back together on Thursday for the big BAR NONE weekend. This will be the first time that all three of my kids have gone. The youngest Cara has worked them before but never been able to partake in the festivities. She and Angela are having a sisters weekend. No boys allowed. The last time they went out drinking together was when Cara turned 18 and they headed to the Darwell fair and the Aaron Pritchet concert. I won't say any more other than Angela owes her sister. big brother Rob will be there too. Hubby and i are staying in the city this weekend to be the taxi service. also Ange has to head back to Saskatoon on Sunday. Hopefully Ange will let me try Classy. Talk to you all when I return from Saskabush.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Been a very busy week and another next so thought I would update now before I leave.
Enjoyed another great weekend although shortened out at the cottage. Got a new ride on Saturday. No it's not another horse FV so don't worry. My hubby bought me a new bicycle.We rented these great bikes in Vancouver before we went on our cruise. Haven't enjoyed biking much over the years as it has always put a strain on my back and my wrists. I have had carpal tunnel surgery and now have arthritis pretty bad in my hands. And my back, well that's another story. This bike is called a comfort bike. I sit farely straight, not hunched over and my wrists are relaxed and it has great shock absorbers for the behind. I know it seems kind of silly to be getting a bike now just before the snow comes, but you can't beat end of season sales.
I still prefer horses to bikes, but can't have a horse in the city so a bike will have to do. My husband and I used to do alot of horseback riding when we were first married, but once the kids started coming, someone had to stay home. He's ridden once or twice a year just to say he rides. After last weekend, not being able to ride my horses, and being stuck around home with yard work and the weather I declared that this weekend I was either going to work Peps, take my boy Blue for a ride or both. Saturday was another miserable cold damp dreary day so no working with horses. But today the sun shone beautiful so I asked hubby if he'd like to go riding with me and he said he'd love too. Used DVM201's great gelding Digger for myself and put my hubby on my boy Blue. We had a great ride for over an hour and we want to make it a regular habit. He's not alot of help when it comes to the young horses so can't expect much help with Peps, but for riding I'll take his company any time, any where that he wants to go.
I'm off to Calgary for a convention for four days starting Tuesday, so life should be interesting on the home front. Won't see my ponies for two weeks but they're in good hands. Talk to you all when I get back.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Got my new van on Friday. Spent the day cleaning it inside and out. The fellow we bought it from was not the neatest person so there was alot of build up on swirches, handles etc. I'm abit of a clean freak when I buy something from someone else. No one can clean it to my standards. This way while I'm cleaning every nook and crany, I can check things out as well. There are a few minor fix ups, but other than that, my new van is awesome. Just love it. Rose loves her new bus too. Got in it on Friday afternoon, and wouldn't get out. Bought the coolest seat covers for it. If you're familar with Mossy Oak design, this is what I bought. So I have four captains seats covered in trees, leaves etc. Looks way cool.
With all the success that DVM2012 is having with Classy, I had every intention of getting on my young mare and trying to catch up. Well got to the farm on Saturday, and the weather was miserable. Gale force winds, cloudly, damp and just plain awful. Helped FV finish Eurus's and Phoenix's winter pen. Brought Peps out and spent some time with her. Went for a little in hand walk up the road to the top of the hill. The wind was jsut howling and she wasn't too impressed. She needs reminded sometimes of her manners and to listen to me. It went well.
Sunday woke up to a beautiful day, so thought this will be a great day to ride peps.
Look out the window and what do I see but my husband out raking. Thought oh well, here goes my day. Now we live at the lake, on a double lot with lots of trees and a forest reserve behind us. Needless to say, there are a ton of leaves. We usually get our kids to help us but none were available, so it was just the two of us. This was our last weekend to clean up as the weather is suppose to change by the weekend and there is nothing worse than cleaning the leaves in the spring after the snow and ice have left. Horrible job. So I spent this beautiful Sunday outside, raking and picking up leaves. By the time we were done, 5 hours later, my whole body ached and although there was still time in the day to do so, there was no way I could have longed or climbed aboard a horse. So Peps sits again and another good opportunity gone by the wayside. I don't think Sherry would have been able to help me much with Peps any way as she was quite tired from painting her house, which by the way is looking so great.
Today I am in the office, barely able to lift my arms, looking forward to going to the Rascal Flats concert tonight with FV and her neice Deanna. Next week I spend 3 days in Calgary for a convention.Doing this post at work, so unable to attach some pictures. Will add some tomorrow. Very busy this week, so hopefully will post again after my stay in Calgary.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi everybody. I know it has been some time since I last posted. My excuse is that I have been very very busy. This is the truth. I usually only get about 5 minutes just before bed to check emails (which sometimes can be up to 40 a day)and my favorite blogs. Thought tonight the rest can wait and I'll catch up. Where to start. At the beginning I guess. After our trip to Alaska, had to prepare for Thanksgiving. The Monday before, FV had an Osteopath out; Kevin and his wife Siegrid to look at by boy Blue. She'd seen him work on other horses and he also works with people, and she has had hands on experience with him as well. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical. He took one look at him and knew what was wrong. Worked with him for about 45 mins and the results were amazing. Long story short, Blue was back to being the horse he was before his fall. He was walking out, spinning on haunches and stopping square for the first time in years. I was so happy with him. Kevin heard my history of my fall ect. and took one look at me and knew what was wrong. Said I was crooked. Again after 45 mins. I haven't felt this good in years. I can toucgh my toes, do-up and undo my own bra, which you know ladies can be a little awkward having someone else do for you.Getting out of bed isn't a 10 minute adventure. I just feel amazing. So on Thanksgiving, Ange (dvm2012) and I went for a ride. Blue was feeling pretty good so gave him his head and he opened up. I think he really enjoyed it as much as I did. That feeling of the wind blowing in your face and the rush you get on a galloping horse;there's nothing better.
I am very busy these days with my position on Municipal Council. Between conventions, meeting with the Minister, the Premier etc. I am on the road a fair bit. It has been a very educational and for the most part very informative and enjoyable time. It is an election year this summer. Still trying to decide if I will run again.
As I mentioned in my last post, our daughter had an accident with our Montana Van. Well they wrote it off so we've been using our old 97 Safari van in the interm. We just finalized the purchase of a newer (06) Montana SV6. Pick it up on Friday. So excited.
My son got a job finally. After the cruise, he started applying. there is nothing really in his field so he became part of the Wholesale Sports family and is working at the new mega store in South Edmonton. Working in the Optics department, GPS, scopes, binnoculars, etc. They get alot of environmental/conservation studends so they know come spring that he will be flying the cope to work in the field again for the summer.
After our somewhat early bout of old man winter, the weather improved enough to melt the snow which meant yard work. We live in an older neighbourhood with lots and lots of trees. We spent last sunday raking and bagging leaves, cleaned out my gardens and cut back perennials. Was a beautiful day. Would of rather been enjoying it from the back of a horse, but it had to be done. At least I got to spend the day outside

New van

Me and blue

Angela and Digger

Well must go as one cute golden named Rosey is eyeballing me to go for a walk. She knows the time of day long before I do. I won't promise but I will try to blog more often.

Friday, October 2, 2009


along the seawall in Vancouver

The view from our hotel room

Okay, Okay, I'll come clean. We had an amazing time on the cruise. Started the trip by going a day early and spending it in Vancouver. It was my birthday. Stayed at our favorite hotel, the Blue Horizon. If you're ever in Vancouver for a night, you should stay. Great views of the city. Ask for an upper floor room. Rented bikes and cycled through Stanley Park, took the sea wall route right to the end. Went to Granville Island. All in all a great day. Met Sherry and Martin on Sunday and we headed to the ship.


These ships are amazing. Ours was even small compared to some. The first words out of Martin's and my son Robert's mouths were Oh Shit, this thing is huge. The first full day was at sea and it was very rough. All of us were feeling somewhat queezy for most of the day. I couldn't sleep for the rock and roll of the ship so I made the mistake of looking out the window and the bloody waves were as high as the window, and we were fives decks up. Survived that and our first stop was Juneau.

Red Dog Saloon

View of Juneau from the ship

This is where the story gets really interesting. My husband and son are quite the hikers so they spent the day exploring the countryside. Sherry, Martin and I headed to walk the town and go shopping. Now you all know that shiny things follow Sherry home, well wouldn't you know it the first stop, a beautiful shiny thing attached itself to her finger. I am attracted to shiny blue things and I really wanted a pair of tanzinite earrings. I knew my husband would be upset but Martin told me oh go ahead, if you really like them. That was it. I asked if I could be his wife as well. He just had to become a different faith. So for the rest of the trip while my husband and son were either off hiking or exploring the ship. Sherry, Martin and I were an item. That's as far as it went though girls. They went to their stateroom and I went to mine.
This is the jewellery set that my "new" husband said was okay for me to buy. Aint it pretty.

REd Onion Saloon

Stopping for coffee

famous Skagway Brewing Company

Main Street Skagway

leaving Ketchikan, view from the ship
Skagway was so quaint and beautiful as were all the stops. We visited both the Red Dog Saloon (Juneau) and the Red Onion Saloon (Skagway) which were both brothels in their early days. Tried alot of Alaska beer. Very good. Lunch was always a beer stop. I think of all the three, Ketchikan was my favorite. The legendary Creek Street, which were all small brothels built on stilts over the creek is now intimate, cosy shops run by long time residents. Sherry found her sweater that she had been looking for the whole trip in a small store called For Get Me Knot sweaters. Very appropriate. Thursday of our trip while exploring the beautiful Glacier Bay, my youngest daughter who was home alone, watching all the pets calls to tell us that she was in an accident with our van. Well we're about as far north a person can get with very limited cell service, although Sherry's worked just fine, so I told her to just deal with it, call the insurance, the police etc and we would see her in a couple of days. My remedy for dealing witha the stress of this, as I was petrified to tell my husband, was to drink lots of spiked coffee. Once I told him, felt much better. I think the baileys and amaretto in the coffee helped. As we left Ketchikan for our journey homeward to Vancouver, the night seas were not pleasant. My husband and son went to bed early and although Martin tried to stay up with us, he too succumbed to the seas and retired to his stateroom. Sherry and I felt that the only way to help us sleep through this was to spend the rest of the evening, into the wee hours in the Crowsnest, listening to awful Kareoke and drinking. She her martinies and me my Blue Cocoa Mojitos. Needless to say when I did retire to my stateroom, the rough seas didn't bother me at all. The last day was a full day at sea and the son shone beautiful for the first time since the day we left Vancouver. We had a great time and I want to thank Sherry and Martin for coming with us and keeping me company for alot of the trip and for getting us to our door safe and sound. Just found out that our van is a total write off so now am dealing with insurance etc. sure glad I had my vacation when we did as won't be venturing far from home for awhile. Resurrecting our old 1997 Safari Van to use till spring when hopefully can look at a replacement for my bus. Well this is my story and I'm sticking to it.

ships pool

our last sunset before reaching Vancouver

The famous Crowsnest Kareoke bar

another picture of glacier bay

Creek street (old brothles) ketchikan alaska

On Deck in Glacier Bay

this is my poor van. All this from trying to avoid a cat.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Whether in the water

Or on land

Rosey doing what she loves best. Catching the frisbee

Me and my boy Blue

Hi everyone. Been awhile I know since I posted. Always seems that someone else or something else needs my attention. Well not today. I'm here alone. My hubby is in China with his brothers, my daughter Ange (dvm 2012) is back in saskatoon at vet school and my other two, my son who is home from his job in Lethbridge and who is also suppose to be graduated from University and my youngest, who just started University last week are both out for the night at an Ag Club event. (drinking party I'm sure) and both are staying over at friends for the night so it is just me and my Rose dog who always greets me as if she hasn't seen me for a month. Right away as soon as I walked into the yeard, she has her frisbee in her mouth looking longengly at me as if to say, "Come On mom, let's play".Came home today and she had 13 stuffed toys on the yard. Took all but two inside and what does she do. Lets her self in while I'm here on the computer and preceeds to take each one outside again. I guess I'll let her have her toys. I've been trying to put some miles on my young mare since she's come back from the trainers. I've been managing at least once a week. she's really good and my confidence is coming back. So much so that last weekend I didn't wait around for someone to be there and just got on her myself. Oh Sherry and Ange gave me what for, but you know sometimes you just have to git r done. Was hoping to get her out of the round pen and go for a little trail ride but that will have to wait I guess. Angela was home for the long weekend and brought her room mate with her. They enjoyed two really nice rides. Lent Sidney, her room mate my old 14 yr old boy Blue. He's the steady eddie around the farm. He's very laid back and will accept whatever his rider wants. If you want to walk all day, fine with him. He's abit on the lazy side so putting someone on him that really doesn't want to do much is just up his alley. But he will put out if you ask him too. So as the title reads. AM I LONELY YET. Not at all. The peace and quiet is great. Time for some ME Time. Looking forward to our cruise coming up with Sherry and Martin. I think I'll go open a bottle of wine and have a nice quiet dinner.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Can't believe it has been two months since I last blogged. Summer started with a bang. My youngest turned 18 and the celebrating seemed to last weeks. She finally found a summer job after much searching and panic. She's working in a retail grocery store. Got accepted to University in the fall so she is quite excited.
I spent alot of time out at the cottage and the farm with my daughter Angela. Every spare minute I could find we spent together. She is now back in Saskatoon for another year of Vet studies. Sent my young mare out to another one of Sherry's (FV) honorary neices to get 30 days. Turned out to be a little more work than was expected. Left her there for an additional two weeks. I'm sure glad I did. She's come along way. It is now my turn to get my confidence back with her. I've ridden her a few times and each time I feel better and better.
Went to Winnipeg to see family for what was suppose to be two weeks but came home early as the weather was not great and too many things happening at home. I spent the second week out at the lake, riding with Angela. Just before Angela left for Saskatoon, Sherry, her and I went for a ride. First time this year. Was really nice. Hope there are more of them.
My hubby leaves for China for ten days early September and then he and I and Sherry and Martin are going on our Alaskan Cruise. Looking so forward to it.
My son comes home from his summer job on the 30th. Will be nice to have him home. Don't know for how long as he is persuing other opportunities for employment.
All in all it was a very busy summer. Now that Angela is back at school and the youngest is heading to school, there will be more of a routine around here again.
Angela did give me whatfore for not riding Peps this week, and made me promise to ride her every weekend from now on. She should talk, her young mare Classy will be sitting almost a month by the time she gets her to Saskatoon. But she is right, I should be putting the time in on her as much as I can. Till next time. Keep smilin and ridin.
My husband asked me tonight at supper, If I could be doing anything at this moment on such a beautiful night, what would it be? Before I could answer he said, "You'd probably be sitting on the fence watching the horses at Sherry's or riding. What better is there I say!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Hi everyone,

This month has just been a blur. I managed to spend a few extra days out at the Lake with my daughter Angela (chronicles Of a Vet Student). You probably all know that already. We spent our spare time, when she wasn't too tired from the Vet Clinic, just sitting on our front deck with a drink in hand catching up. Even though she is home for the summer, I don't see her much as she lives at the lake and I am here in the city. On the 14th I took my young mare to Sherry's neice Katie for 30 days training. I know it was the right thing to do but i still had some second thoughts about leaving her there. She is in excellent hands and now i cannot wait to get her back and start riding her again. Angela and I have been getting in some awesome rides the last couple of weeks. After over working Blue a couple weeks ago, he seems fine after the rest. Sherry wants him to be seen by the same fellow that she saw. Thinks he might be able to figure out the nagging things that keep popping up with Blue. Now for the part that you've been waiting for. Sherry gave me the most wonderful gift bag my prize. There is a journal,which she said would help me right down my thoughts every day and help with my posting. a set of four tea cosies, filled with poperi ? that when you place a hot cup of tea on them, the scent fills the room. Will try these tonight. If you don't mind Sherry I want to give Angela a couple to take back to Saskatoon for those late night study sessions. A very yummy scented Cinnamon bun candle. When its empty, I'm using it for a shot glass. A tin of Beaver nuts, (actually chocolate coated nuts) Thankyou my dear friend. You didn't need too you know. the next major event in this household in my youngest Daughter's 18th birthday. Now I will never be able to control her life, so she says. I'm not sure if I'llmake it through with this one. My wild child. Oh well, there is always alcohol!

Oh yes, someone else very dear to me celebrated a birthday on the 20th. My pooch Rosey, turned 10. Seems like just yesterday she was a pup. She got a sirloin steak for supper.

Rosey doing what she loves best, swimming in the lake, at the farm, and playing frisbee. Hope we have many more years together old girl.
Have a good week everyone

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hi everyone, yes I am still here. I've had a very hectic last two weeks. My youngest daughter Cara graduates from Grade 12 this year and her Grad was on Friday the 5th. You may think what is one day, well this grad has been ongoing for the six months but the last week was a whirlwind. Finalizing the dress, the jewellery, the shoes, how to get the hair done, etc. although these were all her decisions, the rest of us suffered along with her. The week started with the Academic Banguet. This was for all the students in the Advanced Placement program. Then there was Convocation on Wednesday the 3rd and then the dinner/dance on Friday. But it was all worth it. She looked stunning and the evening went off really well. Then there were the all weekend parties etc. Hopefully now she can settle down and study for those Diploma exams coming up.

Just got over that week and then it was my son's graduation from the University of Alberta. He received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences. After five years it was a very proud moment for him and us as well. He flew in from Lethbridge for the day and is now back working in the beautiful grass lands of southern Alberta.

As you can see, the preparation and pictures are not a big deal for guys. One picture was all that was needed.

One thing I have to help take the stress away are my horses. After Cara's week, I enjoyed a nice ride on my boy Blue although he did show me that he's not ready to be called old man. Kept me on my toes. Glad to see he can still have some attitude and that I must remain awake. But that's a whole nother story which I will delve into another time.

Sorry it took so long for me to blog again but wanted to put both activities on one blog. Till next time