Sunday, November 29, 2009


(this picture was taken years ago when my three kids were quite small. We love snowmobiling and this is one of our favorite runs. this is me and the three kids)

Well it certainly was a strange but nice weekend. Here it is the end of November and it feels more like September. We usually have snow at this time of year. We got a small dumping last Friday night and it has managed to stay somewhat. All it has really done is make things miserable. After the snow, we got rain, not just a little bit but the most rain in November in over 50 years. All this managed to do was make the ground very slippery. After suffering with a headache for four days and sitting through two long meetings, I was really looking forward to heading out to the cottage and spending some time with my ponies at the farm. Well went to the farm on Saturday and hubby and I helped Sherry and Martin feeding the animals, moving bales etc. Since her house is in total chaos from the renos we had them over for supper, homegrown steaks, shrimp, scalloped potatoes. Thought we would play one game of scrabble before calling it a night. Sherry was kicking our butts until the last round. I added a 2 letter ending to an existing word and pulled ahead of her by 15 points. She'll get me next time for sure. Sunday started out quite dreary, overcast, warm and raining. Still wasn't feeling good though. I think I have a touch of the flu. Decided to stay away from the farm and try and get some decorating done for Christmas. After all it is just 25 days away. Felt really quilty though driving home as the sun was shining, +6 and I didn't get on my horses this weekend. Convinced myself that the footing was probably still really iffy. I guess I could've used the round pen. But my stomach feeling the way it did for most of the day, it was propably a good thing that I didn't try and ride. It was anyway a very nice relazing weekend. Where is my title in all this. I love the snow. It creates a different painting all the time. The cold temperatures I don't like, but I love the snow. Sure hope we get some soon as this in between brown on brown and ice is the pits. Thought I would add a couple of pictures from around our cottage during the winter.

(this is out our back window of our cottage)

(annual Christmas/New years hockey game on the lake)


fernvalley01 said...

tummy troubles a saddle time are an iffy combination at best Deb, so I think you were right ,plus it is still slippery out here I took a few very funky steps doing chores (think Alberta surfing)Hope you are feeling better

greymare said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I am feeling better physically. No more tummy troubles. Our road at the cottage was very slippery too. Sometimes I think there is no end to troubles around here. Angela called tonight and their foster dog chewed her cell phone ($500 phone) Hopefully I can get her something effective but cheap until one of the contracts is up. it never ends around here.

GoLightly said...

Yes, please, take care. You needn't worry yourself weaker by feeling guilty. It would have been too greasy.

You Alberta Girls be careful!

To Snow, Soon!

phaedra96 said...

No, no, no snow! Please, no snow. I am begging. Ummm, rather snow than ice. Okay, snow--in January. January to March. Okay????!!!

CharlesCityCat said...

Pretty pics of snow. I am snow deprived most years. We did have a good one (for us) last March, about 5".

I would love to go snowmobiling (sp), it looks like a blast.

I think you were better off not riding, sometimes when we aren't feeling good and the conditions aren't good, we end up wishing we hadn't because things didn't go well.

CharlesCityCat said...


Alpacas love snow, just sayin.

Giggle, giggle!