Sunday, November 1, 2009


Been a very busy week and another next so thought I would update now before I leave.
Enjoyed another great weekend although shortened out at the cottage. Got a new ride on Saturday. No it's not another horse FV so don't worry. My hubby bought me a new bicycle.We rented these great bikes in Vancouver before we went on our cruise. Haven't enjoyed biking much over the years as it has always put a strain on my back and my wrists. I have had carpal tunnel surgery and now have arthritis pretty bad in my hands. And my back, well that's another story. This bike is called a comfort bike. I sit farely straight, not hunched over and my wrists are relaxed and it has great shock absorbers for the behind. I know it seems kind of silly to be getting a bike now just before the snow comes, but you can't beat end of season sales.
I still prefer horses to bikes, but can't have a horse in the city so a bike will have to do. My husband and I used to do alot of horseback riding when we were first married, but once the kids started coming, someone had to stay home. He's ridden once or twice a year just to say he rides. After last weekend, not being able to ride my horses, and being stuck around home with yard work and the weather I declared that this weekend I was either going to work Peps, take my boy Blue for a ride or both. Saturday was another miserable cold damp dreary day so no working with horses. But today the sun shone beautiful so I asked hubby if he'd like to go riding with me and he said he'd love too. Used DVM201's great gelding Digger for myself and put my hubby on my boy Blue. We had a great ride for over an hour and we want to make it a regular habit. He's not alot of help when it comes to the young horses so can't expect much help with Peps, but for riding I'll take his company any time, any where that he wants to go.
I'm off to Calgary for a convention for four days starting Tuesday, so life should be interesting on the home front. Won't see my ponies for two weeks but they're in good hands. Talk to you all when I get back.


GoLightly said...

Have a great trip!

How wonderful to have a riding partner for life:)

Could the bike be retrofitted for stationary use, through the winter months?

Just thinking out loud, sorry.

awww, two weeks horseless!
They'll miss you!

fernvalley01 said...

I will try to keep everyone well fed,maybe when you get back I will be up to a ride as well ,seems like whjen I am feeling good I don't have time ,and when I have time...

greymare said...

Hey we've been riding partners forever too. Hope we can go for a ride again soon. We've had some good ones, although never that mountain ride as promised but hey at this stage of our lives, just riding is good. Doesn't matter where. I'll hold to that now.

greymare said...

Hey GL, It's an all work few days. Conventions can be so boring. Might have some time in the evenings to get out and about Calgary. I think I'll miss my ponies more than they will. FV will keep them well fed and cared for. That's all they want.

fernvalley01 said...

Ok, I think you have something to post about,don't you? You post the pics ,or I will! (threatening tone)