Monday, June 21, 2010


It's been awhile I know since I've posted. Been really busy but events in my life make me want to talk to my blogging friends. Firstly, my BIL Mike is not doing so well. According to my sister's facebook, haven't talked to her this week yet, Mike is confined to bed other than going to the washroom, which requires two people to get him up. He is having difficulty speaking and gets frustrated not being able to get his point across. She says he still has some fight in him from somewhere. Mike never gave up on a project, on people and now life. I know his days are probably few in number now and I want to thank him for being the rock in our family and helping the rest of us get through difficult times. He is truly a great person, the one who never said no, always there in times of need. I don't know how to add music to my blog, but I would like you all to listen to a special song. Johnny Reed, THANKYOU. This song I dedicate to Mike. Like FV says, we should say thanks to our horses, we should say thankyou to those we love more often too.
Now to new beginnings. My horse Blue has started on a journey to become a new horse. His old self again. His history in short is he has been lame on and off for years. We checked his feet, sent him to chiropractors, osteopaths, vets etc. and all those seemed to help him but never for long. My daughter, DVM 2012 came out with a vet named Barb from where she works and they took exrays, did some nerve blocks, even got some thermal imaging done and we have finally come up with why. He has developed Navicular in both his front feet. He also has arthritis in both his hocks. Well Barb and Angela started him on a program today of administering a drug called Teldrin, but instead of hooking him to an IV bag, they put a turnique on his legs and administered this drug directly to the site. This will not only reduce my costs considerably but he will get relief sooner. His next step is getting bar shoes with shock absorbing pads put on his front feet. He also is getting monthly Legend shots for his arthritis. He won't need Teldrin again for six months and then another six months after that and then hopefully just once a year. I will keep you all posted as to his progress. He has been such a good boy so far, putting up with all the needles, the numbing of his legs, standing for xrays and just everything in general. I am so proud of him and hope to have him sound enough one day to actually take him for a little ride. But if I can't, just get him comfortable for the rest of his days would be good too. So until the next time I just need to talk. Here's to the first day of summer and hope you all have a nice one.