Saturday, September 21, 2013


Are we never too old to start over?  I have been riding over 40 years, both English and Western. Heck I was even doing some jumping. I had a really good mare whom I trusted and she trusted me. We were a great team. She gave me my little prince, Blue who again was a great horse, that anyone could ride. We could of had such great rides if he hadn't developed navicular. So with the old girl Schiroc getting old and the young prince not quite sound I looked for a new horse to take me places and found Peps. Came to me as pretty green. She'd had some training so thought I could get her the rest of the way. Well 5 yrs ago we had a wreck and I came out of it unable to ride for a year, with a fractured spine in 5 places, 4 broken ribs, and multiple bruises and a very bruised confidence. Sent Peps away for some professional training and when she came back I realized that maybe I should have gone for some professional help as well. I have not been able to ride confidently since my wreck and I really miss it.
My family bought me for my birthday, a new pair of English riding pants and 4 professional riding lessons after which I can continue on my own. My family felt that I should start English again to get my balance, coordination and confidence back. I can ride, I know I can, I just need a safe, secure place to ride and someone helping me what I seem to have lost. I hope to continue throughout the winter and hopefully next spring Peps and I can start on the road to some very happy trails.
Peps gave me a beautiful little filly named Sprite, whom I think looks a lot like the little prince so maybe I am starting over with her too. These two foals, the little prince and sprite are related in the fact that Blue's Grandsire and Peps great Grand Sire are one and the same. Chief Little Hawk, so maybe that is where the resemblance comes from