Sunday, June 16, 2013


Well we had a fabulous week on the East Coast. Whirlwind tour of PEI, Cape Breton, Halifax and Area. Man it is such beautiful country. Visited all the historic sites, Louisberg, Fort Anne, Port Royal, Lunenberg, Halifax Citadel as well as Anne of Green Gables, Peggy's Cove, etc. Cape Breton was so picturesque as was all of it. Went sailing on an old wooden sailboat out of Lunenberg. Had Tead and seafood chowder at Rita McNeil's in Big Pond, Cape Breton. What a fascinating woman she was. So talented. Alexander Kieth's brewery tour was definitely a highlight. I have now put my toes in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. I guess now I will have to plan a trip to the Arctic and put my toes or fingers in the Arctic Ocean. Now to the meaning of the title. My mare is #4 in the foaling contest on Sherry's blog (Fern Valley Appaloosas). She is less than a month away with her first foal. So I promised I would enter the contest. So here we go> Mare #4 Arctic Frosted Pepsi/ OK Frosty Bear X Arctic Hi Flame
Peps was bred on August 1st to Windwalker Cactus/ Middys Top Dandy X RS Magic Bar
This is Peps' first foal. We tried last year but think she lost it. She is a half sister to Spots In XS
Her sire OK Frosty Bear is pictured below, the white few spot. I sure hope to get lots of spots. She herself was born a black with a blanket. But we all know that with appys it is a crap shoot. So pick the day, time, sex and colour and stay tuned for the results.
Cactus's sire Middy's Top Dandy