Thursday, March 25, 2010


We're back from San Diego and what a beautiful city. The weather was perfect. Not a bit of rain. Our hotel was stunning. Hotel Del Coronado. Our room was in the Cabanas, second floor and we looked out onto the pool.Very sheek and expensive but the compnay was paying. We rented bikes and cycled around for the day. Saw alot of the island and spent time in Balboa Park. The beaches are to die for. I got so burned though sitting around the pool. Actually sat back and relaxed and read a whole novel in two days. The trip home was an experience. I had been watching the weather channel and knew that the Denver area was expecting a major spring snow storm so when we got to the airport and our flight was scheduled to leave on time, thought maybe the storm had passed. Wrong. We were half way into our flight to Denver to connect to our flight to Edmonton, when the captain announced that we would be heading to Albequerque (spelling?)as the storm was too heavy in Denver. We sat on the tarmack for an hour until they decided to try to make it to Denver. We got to Denver and then 2 hours later we were told that our connecting flight was cancelled. Needless to say we spent the night in the terminal. Hundreds of us. Got home about 12 hours later that expected without our luggage. They found it though and it was delivered to us today. Now to the point of this blog. Sat beside an older lady and didn't really talk much at first. We got to talking about family, travelling etc. and I must say she was a real blessing. As I talked with her, her facial expressions and mannerisms throughout reminded me very much of my mother. She's the same age as my mom. She lost her husband after 60 years of marriage and was coming home from visiting her son in San Diego for two months. Found out she was diebetic and with the long wait in albequerque she was feeling a little weak. She travels with her own insulin shots but didn't bring enough snacks. Helped her get something to eat and drink and from then on I just felt I had to help- her throughout the whole ordeal. We sat together in the terminal. I tried to find her a place to sleep but only managed a blanket. At least she was warm. Helped her through that and then all the way to the lost baggage counter. We asked if she needed a ride home and she told us her daughter was there to pick her up. You know I really wish I had asked her name and where she lived. She was scheduled for cataract surgery today and I would really like to know how she's doing. I feel so good and I know that my mom was there at some time during this whole situation. I feel so blessed to have met this wonderful lady. I thank her.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thanks to FV, I found the picture she referred to in my last blog. This boy was an outriders pick up horse so he could really fly. I don't think I've gone this fast in a long long time. This picture was probably taken about 33 yrs ago. I'd love to feel that much rush again.

On another note. I have been puppy less all week. My son Robert who works down in Hanna Alberta. Very small town, not alotof young people his age. Anyway he was missing our dog Rosey very much, in fact more than we humans, so he asked if he could take her for the week. This was the only week that he could as they are expected to start field work next week and he will be away long hours and sometimes overnight. His roommate, Christie, justs loves Rosey and the dog is loving it there. She gets double the walks, double the treats and double the attention. I may not get her back. It seemed really guite hilarious. I packed her an overnight bag, with her bowls, leash collar, blanket, and her two favorite toys as well as her food. We were joking as to what other dog gets to go on vacation. I miss her so much. I haven't been out walking all week. She'll be home for less than a day and then hubby and I leave for San Diego for a few days. He has a conference there and he usually takes me with him if he can. I love these small freguent get aways, Like mini vacations.

Up date on my brother in law who I posted about earlier that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They went on a cruise at the end of February to the Caribbean. It was very nice but it took alot out of him. he had a couple bad days on the ship but the crew and staff were amazing for them. He has started chemo, only to help releive some of the pain. He was in pretty bad shape last week and was hospitalized. Dehydrated, low blood sugar, and other complications. My sister was sure that he only had a few days. She is off work now too as the strain of the illness is taking its toll on her too. We are on standby and if she calls that he is taking a turn for the worst than we are flying down to see him. If all goes well, we are scheduled to go down in early June. I just might try and go earlier just to be on the safe side. I want to be able to visit him when he's alert and still able to visit. This hurts so much as Mike has been a brother to me since I was about 10 or 12 yrs old. I'd like to go on a vacation with my sister after Mike is gone and hopefully get our girls to go with us somewhere and my other two sisters as well. We'll see.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My first two horses, Jigsaw and Big Red,

Schiroc through the years and Blue

Peps the first day I saw her

Peps and me this winter.

Thouhgt I'd better fill in the blanks about my horses. A number of you have commented how nice Peps coloring is. She is different I'll say that. But her story starts many years ago. too many really but I will try and remember. Who I am begins with my mother as a girl. She grew up in the days of horses more than automobiles. She wasn't afraid of any horse. She would ride anything from the cantankerous shetland pony to the big draft work horses. She also challenged many of the boys at the Swift Current rodeo that she could ride the wild two year olds before they could. Well she did it many times. Well that's where I get my passion for horses, which I have passed on to my daughter Angela. As I said in FV's blog, my first horse was a screwed up pie bald track pony that I named Jigsaw. I think immaturity and no training on my part and his wild, cantankerous nature on his part, made for a bad match. After selling him, a year later I bought another track pony. Only this one was an outriders horse and they didn't get along and he threatened to send him to the glue factory so I again let my emotions win. My gut feeling was right. He was a great horse for me. Loved all women, all kids and only one man and that was my dad. He was a standardbred/arab cross whom I named BiG Red. I was heart broken when I had to sell him. The stable he was at raised the rent so much that I couldn't afford to keep him. I to this day wonder how his life was. He was a great great horse. I swore then that I would never buy another horse unless I could keep it forever. Years went by, forgot about horses, got married and moved to Alberta. I still have a picture of the perfect horse that I wanted when I was about 5 years old. It was a black and white appaloosa with a white blanker and large black spots. About a year after we were married, I found an add in the paper for a black and white appaloosa filly. Told my husband I wasn't going to buy her just wanted to look. Well saw her and my life changed forever. She was 16 mths old, barely halter broke, crazy thing but I had to have her. My wonderful husband not knowing how long horses can live, let me buy her. After the sale was done, he asked how long do horses live, thinking this was going to be a short lived affair. When I told him at least 20 yrs. he knew that horses would be in our lives forever. Schiroc turned out to be my friend, my teacher, my kids nanny and teacher and much more. I bred her to FV's stallion Chile Poivre and got my boy Blue who is affectionately known as the little prince around the farm although he is now close to 15 yrs old and 15.3 hands high. There have been many offers for him, but he will stay mine forever too. When I lost Schiroc after 24 years, a huge void was left. I looked at many sites, trying to find the right horse and my husband always saying no more horses. Well I can thank Sherry for filling that void. She found an add, no picure, just written add for a grey appaloosa filly. We took the trailer just in case, but I really didn't think this was the one. I even told my husband we were going to look at a horse for sherry. Well she walked around the corner and I almost fainted. It was my old girl reincarnated. As she has gotten older, the resemblance is disappearing but it is like the old girl is still with us as Peps does things sometimes that are so eery. It is exactly the old girl just in a different wrapper. Peps and I have had some difficulties, but I think now we are one. She is such a sweet girl and I love her very much and hope we can have the same relationship as my old girl Schiroc and I had. Peps is my last horse for me. I have blue and now her and if I do decide to breed her to either Cactus or Phoenix, I hope some really nice foals come of it and I can give the world what I have in both my ponies.

Monday, March 8, 2010


The famous Welcome to Vegas sign where everyone has to have their picture taken.

Our hotel Mandaly Bay, just a beautiful hotel, great rooms, Angela wanted to take her bed home with her. Very expensive. We got a great package deal. Only way we could afford this.

this was the view from our room. What a way to wake up in the morning. Hubby is an early riser so he would venture over to the McDonalds across the street and bring us coffee and breakfast sandwich.

This is Fremont Street at night. You must see this. It is amazing. A 4 block long tv screen when at night they entertain you. It was a tribute to Queen the week we were there. and there was a great Johnny Cash impersonator. Had the place just rocking. We were there three times. Cheap but very good food.

Thought I would blog right after we got back from our trip to Vegas. But didn't. Vegas was nice, don't get me wrong but for a girl from the prairies and a bit of a Defender of the Environment, I found Vegas to be somewhat decantent and waste full. Talk about not being real. all the Casinos/hotels are all copies of the real thing only in much smaller versions. I guess if you haven't seen the real thing, they can be exciting. It was definitely worth seeing once.The whole experience was exciting and very glad we went. Another highlight was going to Toby Keith's Bar and Grill. Great food but some really weird stuff. Our hotel was the Mandalay Bay which is located on the south end of the strip. The view from our room was stunning. The pool area was great and we really enjoyed the Shark Reef acquarium. Hey if I can handle Manhattan, I can handle Vegas. We detoured out of Vegas for two days and toured the Grand Canyon and Zion park. Absoulutely stunning. Well worth it. Was good to see the country and the majestic peaks. It was definitely a surprise to find so much snow in the area.

Had a great weekend this past weekend. The weather was gorgeous. Saturday's high was 10 celsius or 50 farenheit. Went riding on Angela's gelding Digger. Definitely know you've been riding on that boy. Really moves out. Then on Sunday, I saddled up my young mare and took her out of the round pen, off the farm for the first time since our accident in October of 08. The road was in great shape and I think she really enjoyed the experience as much as I did. Felt so recharged. I feel like I can do anything again. Finally got rid of all the demons. Can't wait for this weekend. Hope the weather cooperates.

Peps was not to pleased. She thought we were done. Hasn't gotten used to the off and on routine. Not the best picture but all I have from the weekend.