Thursday, March 25, 2010


We're back from San Diego and what a beautiful city. The weather was perfect. Not a bit of rain. Our hotel was stunning. Hotel Del Coronado. Our room was in the Cabanas, second floor and we looked out onto the pool.Very sheek and expensive but the compnay was paying. We rented bikes and cycled around for the day. Saw alot of the island and spent time in Balboa Park. The beaches are to die for. I got so burned though sitting around the pool. Actually sat back and relaxed and read a whole novel in two days. The trip home was an experience. I had been watching the weather channel and knew that the Denver area was expecting a major spring snow storm so when we got to the airport and our flight was scheduled to leave on time, thought maybe the storm had passed. Wrong. We were half way into our flight to Denver to connect to our flight to Edmonton, when the captain announced that we would be heading to Albequerque (spelling?)as the storm was too heavy in Denver. We sat on the tarmack for an hour until they decided to try to make it to Denver. We got to Denver and then 2 hours later we were told that our connecting flight was cancelled. Needless to say we spent the night in the terminal. Hundreds of us. Got home about 12 hours later that expected without our luggage. They found it though and it was delivered to us today. Now to the point of this blog. Sat beside an older lady and didn't really talk much at first. We got to talking about family, travelling etc. and I must say she was a real blessing. As I talked with her, her facial expressions and mannerisms throughout reminded me very much of my mother. She's the same age as my mom. She lost her husband after 60 years of marriage and was coming home from visiting her son in San Diego for two months. Found out she was diebetic and with the long wait in albequerque she was feeling a little weak. She travels with her own insulin shots but didn't bring enough snacks. Helped her get something to eat and drink and from then on I just felt I had to help- her throughout the whole ordeal. We sat together in the terminal. I tried to find her a place to sleep but only managed a blanket. At least she was warm. Helped her through that and then all the way to the lost baggage counter. We asked if she needed a ride home and she told us her daughter was there to pick her up. You know I really wish I had asked her name and where she lived. She was scheduled for cataract surgery today and I would really like to know how she's doing. I feel so good and I know that my mom was there at some time during this whole situation. I feel so blessed to have met this wonderful lady. I thank her.


fernvalley01 said...

Ah Deb, that lady probably feels like she was visited by an angel herself. So nice that you took the tiem to help her out and stay with her.

GoLightly said...

Oh, how wonderful.
Thanks, greymare.
Beautiful story, of two kind souls.

How lucky that lady was, too.

Anonymous said...
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