Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter everyone! What a beautiful one it has been so far. Usually everyone meets here for holidays but this year with Angela on crutches and unable to drive we decided to go to Saskatoon for Easter. Left on Friday morning and arrived there in time for lunch. Our son Robert, who too is on crutches, drove up from Hanna on Thursday. Three of Angela's room mates were there as well so I cooked up Easter dinner for eight on Saturday. Loved it.

Angela is on crutches cause she had the plate and screws removed from her leg and Robert is on crutches cause he again put his knee out at work. This time it did not go so well. Ended up at the hospital where they took xrays and put him in a rather cumbersome full leg walking cast and crutches. He will be scheduled for an MRI and then hopefully can get this situation fixed once and for all.

After our very filling dinner on Saturday, the five of us went to the barn to see Classy. Now I'm not the person to waste a perfectly good opportunity to ride a good horse. After riding her earlier in the year, I knew what a nice horse she is. Saddled her up and had a great ride in the arena with instructor Angela giving direction and hobbling around the arena. Wish I had a camera. The others showed up and my youngest Cara, who is a good rider but hasn't ridden in about two years steps up on Classy and within two minutes had her doing what she wanted. She looked great up there and she was so happy that she has decided that she would like to ride with her sister and have her teach her a few finer points of riding. Cara actually wished she could of ridden Classy longer but it was getting dark and quite cool so we called it a night and went for coffee/hotchocolate/london fogs and spent some nice family time together. Dropped Cara and Ange off at the house and then Rob, Brian and I went back to the hotel and sat and watched the hockey game in the bar. Rob even bought us the beers for a change. Spent some more time today with them this morning and then Rob headed back to Hanna and the three of us headed back to Edmonton. Brian fixed alot of minor but important things in the house for the girls. A constantly running toilet, sinks without running water and sinks with no cold water were all fixed, Angela's bike was fixed and the front and back yards were raked and leaves put in the compost. Brian hates to sit still so he thoroughly enjoyed puttering and fixing things. All in all it was a great weekend all around. We don't all get together much any more and we sure cherish the times we do. It's so hard to beleive that our children are growing up and starting lives of their own.

Cara on Classy. Look at that seat and posture. She's a natural and doesn't know it.

Just to add. I went to a meeting last weekend for a Appaloosa group that I have been a member of for some time but have never managed to actually meet in person. Enjoyed the education session put on by Dr. mavis Holyrod DVM on deworming and vaccinations. Angela and I were actually able to talk about medical stuff for a change. After the meeting was a social time but unfortunately I had to leave so was again unable to socialize with the group but will hopefully see alot of them at the Mane Event in Red Deer coming up the end of April that Sherry and I are participating in. We are showcasing the farm and the horses as part of the ApHCC booth. Should be alot of fun. Hopefully I or we can make one of the many trail rides that this group puts on every year.

This is a picture of the cake I made for our meeting. Ended up having to leave it there without even getting a taste. Sure had fun making it though.

P.S. Do have a nice photo of the whole family but was unable to get it off my son's camera. He will send to me tomorrow and I will add to the post.


fernvalley01 said...

Love the cake ! Miss cara looks mighty fine on the Classy horse!Glad you had a nice time , hopefully both the hobblers will get their legs back under them soon ! I bet the girls were wishing Brian had showed up sooner ! What a guy!

greymare said...

Ya, both of them are sick of their sticks. Angela hopes to drive her truck this week and Rob is hoping by the weekend he can loose his. I was so proud of Cara. She had such a great look on her face. She was really enjoying herself.

GoLightly said...

Hilarious cake!

Happy Easter, GreyMare, glad you were able to enjoy it!

That is one CLASSY mare:)

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Visiting by and thru Fern Valley... -- I am also a lover of Appys -- Your Appy cake was very creative - well done! -- I hope to visit again!