Wednesday, May 26, 2010


this is pretty close to the boat we rented called the Nanika.

Peps and I out on the trails

I know it has been sometime since I last blogged. My days seem to be getting busier and busier. At work today and things are slow so thought I would take this opportunity to catch up. Where to start. I guess at the beginning of May. Angela (DVM2012) moved back to Alberta from Saskatoon for the summer. She is working at Westwind Equine Services and is living there as well. Only see her bout once a week. She and I have been taking Thursdays as our day to go riding. Have to work this week so she is on her own. She keeps her young warmblood Eurus at friends close by to her work so she sees him regularly. Got him back from the trainers and is really enjoying him. Very different that her wild child Digger.
The first weekend of May, both Ange and Rob were h ome so we went to the lake and to the farm. They took me riding for Mother's day, a week early but it was still nice.

Robert on Digger, Angela on Classy and me on Peps

Went to Winnipeg for a few days early in May to visit my brother-in-law who is dying from pancreatic cancer. Sure glad we went. He is deteriorating quite fast. Very thin and frail. He is in a hospice right now and my sister is bringing him home now for daily visits. What do you say to someone when you know you won't probably see them again. it was really hard to say goodbye so we just told him we'll see him again in August. Although it doesn't look like he will be with us that long. It was good to spend some time with my sister, one on one. She had to put her baeutiful sheltie Abbey down when we were there as well. She is a very strong person and I admire her so much.

Ange and I went riding and took out Peps for the first time away from the farm. She did awesome. Even managed to do our first lope. She really loves to walk out. the next week we went again only farther and much more different and difficult terrain. She never stopped once. Kept on going although she was somewhat tired when we got back. Increase our length of rides and terrain each time so she won't get bored and help build her stamina.

Spent the long weekend in BC with friends. We rented a 36 ft Grand Banks troller and toured the islands. Spent our nights moored in Poets Voce on South Pender Island. I've never been before and had such a great time. Landed in Sidney and spent some time on each end visiting all the wonderful book stores, shops etc, The hilight of the four days was seeing 5 different pods of Orca whales. They are such beautiful, mysterious creatures. Also saw one grey whale, bunches of Stellar sea lions, porpoises, seals, bald eagles and of course the chicken of the sea, those pesky sea gulls. If you're ever wanting a place to get in touch with nature and relax and rejuvinate, then head to Poets Cove. The scenery and fresh air are second to none.

Poets Cove Marina where we moored for three nights

Poets Cove Resort and spa

Interior of the Nanika

Heading away again this weekend. I have a Small Communities conference in Mannville, Alberta to attend. Part of my duties as an elected official is to learn as much as I can and put what I learn to good use. It is an election year this year and I have decided to run again. Why, when it takes up so much of my time. Well someone needs too and I've always said, either put up or shut up. There's those in this world who complain about everything, everyone, that they could do it better, but when push comes to shove, they don't step up to the plate. This hopefully is my last committment for awhile. I just want to head out to my cottage, which is close to the farm, and ride my ponies and enjoy some summer before it is gone again.