Monday, November 23, 2009


This past weekend was another great adventure and full of excitement. Angela and I returned safely from Saskatoon so on Friday morning we head out to the farm to see the boys. We saddled up Blue and Digger and went for an amazing ride even though many of our favorite trails have been fenced off now due to the quad/skidoo trails being promoted in the area. We did find a nice trail though that is usually very boggy and unpasable with the horses. Been so dry this year and with the cold weather, the swamp was dry and hard and we had no trouble crossing it. We were out for about an hour and a half. Was one of those cloudy, damp cold days but we didn't feel the cold. Came back from there and Angela helped me with my filly Peps. Rode in the arena for awhile, she brought Blue in to get Peps used to working with other horses. After about twenty minutes, we ventured out of the round pen and went on our first trail ride. Just a little ride, but Peps was great. Wanted to be in the lead all the time. That way Blue couldn't giver her the evil eye and intmidate her. Sherry was surprised we went the way we did. She calls it the rabbit run. She had a bad wreck some years ago on her mare Get Rich Quick when a rabbit darted across the road and spooked Richie. I felt we might as well get it over with first but no bunnies so all went well. Then after finishing with Peps, Angela pulled out her baby Eurus, all 16 hands of him I'm sure. he is one big two year old. After a short coffee break with Sherry we headed home and the partying began in ernest for Angela and her brother and sister. It was really nice seeing the three of them head out together for the same event. It was a sisters weekend and the only boy allowed other than for dancing was their brother. After Friday, and then again Saturday till the wee hours of the morning, we celebrated Angela's 21st birthday on Sunday with Brunch and tea and cake before she headed home to Saskatoon. It was a great weekend and now I'm counting down the days until Angela is home and we are all together again. 26 days and counting.

This picture was taken many years ago. Angela was a horsewoman right from an early age. My old mare Schiroc was a good teacher. Can you also see a pattern here with my horses. I seem to be stuck on blue roans. This is my boy Blue's mama and Sherry's old stud Chile Poivre, pictured on her latest blog is his Dad.

I think I will add old photos with every post I do just to make it interesting.
What do ya think?


GoLightly said...

Yes, please!
Great photos.
yes, there is definitely a "pattern" to be seen:)
A Blue Roan pattern.

Gorgeous colour!

21, I remember that year.
sort of;)
Congrats & Kudos!

GoLightly said...

Oh, and FIRST, btw.

take THAT FV!!

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like you had fun , I know you looked pretty happy when I saw you. I think adding an old pic on each post would be a great idea