Monday, October 26, 2009


Got my new van on Friday. Spent the day cleaning it inside and out. The fellow we bought it from was not the neatest person so there was alot of build up on swirches, handles etc. I'm abit of a clean freak when I buy something from someone else. No one can clean it to my standards. This way while I'm cleaning every nook and crany, I can check things out as well. There are a few minor fix ups, but other than that, my new van is awesome. Just love it. Rose loves her new bus too. Got in it on Friday afternoon, and wouldn't get out. Bought the coolest seat covers for it. If you're familar with Mossy Oak design, this is what I bought. So I have four captains seats covered in trees, leaves etc. Looks way cool.
With all the success that DVM2012 is having with Classy, I had every intention of getting on my young mare and trying to catch up. Well got to the farm on Saturday, and the weather was miserable. Gale force winds, cloudly, damp and just plain awful. Helped FV finish Eurus's and Phoenix's winter pen. Brought Peps out and spent some time with her. Went for a little in hand walk up the road to the top of the hill. The wind was jsut howling and she wasn't too impressed. She needs reminded sometimes of her manners and to listen to me. It went well.
Sunday woke up to a beautiful day, so thought this will be a great day to ride peps.
Look out the window and what do I see but my husband out raking. Thought oh well, here goes my day. Now we live at the lake, on a double lot with lots of trees and a forest reserve behind us. Needless to say, there are a ton of leaves. We usually get our kids to help us but none were available, so it was just the two of us. This was our last weekend to clean up as the weather is suppose to change by the weekend and there is nothing worse than cleaning the leaves in the spring after the snow and ice have left. Horrible job. So I spent this beautiful Sunday outside, raking and picking up leaves. By the time we were done, 5 hours later, my whole body ached and although there was still time in the day to do so, there was no way I could have longed or climbed aboard a horse. So Peps sits again and another good opportunity gone by the wayside. I don't think Sherry would have been able to help me much with Peps any way as she was quite tired from painting her house, which by the way is looking so great.
Today I am in the office, barely able to lift my arms, looking forward to going to the Rascal Flats concert tonight with FV and her neice Deanna. Next week I spend 3 days in Calgary for a convention.Doing this post at work, so unable to attach some pictures. Will add some tomorrow. Very busy this week, so hopefully will post again after my stay in Calgary.


fernvalley01 said...

What ? I could have limped around in circles on this cantalope knee just fine! NOT
Thanks for cutting me some slack.
Thye van is very nice , but yup you must have gone bananas cleaning. see ya later!

GoLightly said...

I have a house needs cleaned, ya know.
ANYtime, just drop on by;)

Glad things are churning along!

Oh, and we have five acres of leaves..
We just chop most of them up with the lawn tractor:)
Okay, Husband does. I loathe raking.
Leaves is good for the lawn!
Okay, no they aren't...
I rake, and throw them into my garden beds to decompose. Free compost!

have a great week!

fernvalley01 said...

BTW < someone asked if you were mad at me, probably cause you never comment on my blog any more.Hmm are you mad??

greymare said...

FV No I am not mad. Just by the time I get around to checking the blog, others have stated what I'm thinking or I've missed my window of opportunity. Yeah at first I was a little "Jeesh, sorry I asked" but then you called right away to apologize. I too apoligize for hitting on a sore spot. I didn't mean too, honest.

GoLightly said...

Ooooh, drama!
Pulls up a chair..
You Farmers have every right to be a little twinky this time of year.
Especially in Alberta.
We can only bark at the ones we love most, anyway. Good thing, lets the stress out. Poor FV and her knee:(
Frustration is tough.. eh, FV??
stupid bodies.
Hope everything is smooth sailing, going into w****r.

Living in the balmy south of Canada, and out;)
I frickin' wish....