Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi everybody. I know it has been some time since I last posted. My excuse is that I have been very very busy. This is the truth. I usually only get about 5 minutes just before bed to check emails (which sometimes can be up to 40 a day)and my favorite blogs. Thought tonight the rest can wait and I'll catch up. Where to start. At the beginning I guess. After our trip to Alaska, had to prepare for Thanksgiving. The Monday before, FV had an Osteopath out; Kevin and his wife Siegrid to look at by boy Blue. She'd seen him work on other horses and he also works with people, and she has had hands on experience with him as well. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical. He took one look at him and knew what was wrong. Worked with him for about 45 mins and the results were amazing. Long story short, Blue was back to being the horse he was before his fall. He was walking out, spinning on haunches and stopping square for the first time in years. I was so happy with him. Kevin heard my history of my fall ect. and took one look at me and knew what was wrong. Said I was crooked. Again after 45 mins. I haven't felt this good in years. I can toucgh my toes, do-up and undo my own bra, which you know ladies can be a little awkward having someone else do for you.Getting out of bed isn't a 10 minute adventure. I just feel amazing. So on Thanksgiving, Ange (dvm2012) and I went for a ride. Blue was feeling pretty good so gave him his head and he opened up. I think he really enjoyed it as much as I did. That feeling of the wind blowing in your face and the rush you get on a galloping horse;there's nothing better.
I am very busy these days with my position on Municipal Council. Between conventions, meeting with the Minister, the Premier etc. I am on the road a fair bit. It has been a very educational and for the most part very informative and enjoyable time. It is an election year this summer. Still trying to decide if I will run again.
As I mentioned in my last post, our daughter had an accident with our Montana Van. Well they wrote it off so we've been using our old 97 Safari van in the interm. We just finalized the purchase of a newer (06) Montana SV6. Pick it up on Friday. So excited.
My son got a job finally. After the cruise, he started applying. there is nothing really in his field so he became part of the Wholesale Sports family and is working at the new mega store in South Edmonton. Working in the Optics department, GPS, scopes, binnoculars, etc. They get alot of environmental/conservation studends so they know come spring that he will be flying the cope to work in the field again for the summer.
After our somewhat early bout of old man winter, the weather improved enough to melt the snow which meant yard work. We live in an older neighbourhood with lots and lots of trees. We spent last sunday raking and bagging leaves, cleaned out my gardens and cut back perennials. Was a beautiful day. Would of rather been enjoying it from the back of a horse, but it had to be done. At least I got to spend the day outside

New van

Me and blue

Angela and Digger

Well must go as one cute golden named Rosey is eyeballing me to go for a walk. She knows the time of day long before I do. I won't promise but I will try to blog more often.


GoLightly said...

Oh, that's such great news!!!
So glad you got to feel the wind against your face again.
Way cool.
WAY cool.
To Blue & GreyMare:)

Blue is absolutely gorgeous!
You too!
Yay for less pain, more fun!
Bras, or no;)
Never HaD that problem..

fernvalley01 said...

Glad you are happy with the work on Blue and you , he sure moves nicely again ! the new van looks very nice!Lucky you blogged about it , I might never have heard (what with talking on the phone)lol
So much going on these days . You should e-mail Sigrid as well shje was asking about you