Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Whether in the water

Or on land

Rosey doing what she loves best. Catching the frisbee

Me and my boy Blue

Hi everyone. Been awhile I know since I posted. Always seems that someone else or something else needs my attention. Well not today. I'm here alone. My hubby is in China with his brothers, my daughter Ange (dvm 2012) is back in saskatoon at vet school and my other two, my son who is home from his job in Lethbridge and who is also suppose to be graduated from University and my youngest, who just started University last week are both out for the night at an Ag Club event. (drinking party I'm sure) and both are staying over at friends for the night so it is just me and my Rose dog who always greets me as if she hasn't seen me for a month. Right away as soon as I walked into the yeard, she has her frisbee in her mouth looking longengly at me as if to say, "Come On mom, let's play".Came home today and she had 13 stuffed toys on the yard. Took all but two inside and what does she do. Lets her self in while I'm here on the computer and preceeds to take each one outside again. I guess I'll let her have her toys. I've been trying to put some miles on my young mare since she's come back from the trainers. I've been managing at least once a week. she's really good and my confidence is coming back. So much so that last weekend I didn't wait around for someone to be there and just got on her myself. Oh Sherry and Ange gave me what for, but you know sometimes you just have to git r done. Was hoping to get her out of the round pen and go for a little trail ride but that will have to wait I guess. Angela was home for the long weekend and brought her room mate with her. They enjoyed two really nice rides. Lent Sidney, her room mate my old 14 yr old boy Blue. He's the steady eddie around the farm. He's very laid back and will accept whatever his rider wants. If you want to walk all day, fine with him. He's abit on the lazy side so putting someone on him that really doesn't want to do much is just up his alley. But he will put out if you ask him too. So as the title reads. AM I LONELY YET. Not at all. The peace and quiet is great. Time for some ME Time. Looking forward to our cruise coming up with Sherry and Martin. I think I'll go open a bottle of wine and have a nice quiet dinner.


CharlesCityCat said...

Sounds pretty heavenly to me. Sometimes a very quiet night with a good dog, a glass of wine and ourselves is just the best.

Glad to hear you and your mare are starting to feel better. Smart idea to not rush anything. You want to take small steps forward, and not a step forward then two steps back.

Nice to hear from you!

greymare said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Nice to hear from you too. I must admit I'm not the best at keeping in touch.

GoLightly said...

Hey, another post!
Thank you!

What CCC said, she's in fine form tonight.

Enjoy your own company:)
It must seem so strange, having all your kids grown and moving on and out. Just yesterday, weren't they little kidlings?
You should be proud of those kids you've raised so well!

My nephew is turning 19.
He was toddling yesterday, I swear!

fernvalley01 said...

Enjoy your time Deb, you know how busy you get when they all descend again!(you know you love it!)