Monday, August 24, 2009


Can't believe it has been two months since I last blogged. Summer started with a bang. My youngest turned 18 and the celebrating seemed to last weeks. She finally found a summer job after much searching and panic. She's working in a retail grocery store. Got accepted to University in the fall so she is quite excited.
I spent alot of time out at the cottage and the farm with my daughter Angela. Every spare minute I could find we spent together. She is now back in Saskatoon for another year of Vet studies. Sent my young mare out to another one of Sherry's (FV) honorary neices to get 30 days. Turned out to be a little more work than was expected. Left her there for an additional two weeks. I'm sure glad I did. She's come along way. It is now my turn to get my confidence back with her. I've ridden her a few times and each time I feel better and better.
Went to Winnipeg to see family for what was suppose to be two weeks but came home early as the weather was not great and too many things happening at home. I spent the second week out at the lake, riding with Angela. Just before Angela left for Saskatoon, Sherry, her and I went for a ride. First time this year. Was really nice. Hope there are more of them.
My hubby leaves for China for ten days early September and then he and I and Sherry and Martin are going on our Alaskan Cruise. Looking so forward to it.
My son comes home from his summer job on the 30th. Will be nice to have him home. Don't know for how long as he is persuing other opportunities for employment.
All in all it was a very busy summer. Now that Angela is back at school and the youngest is heading to school, there will be more of a routine around here again.
Angela did give me whatfore for not riding Peps this week, and made me promise to ride her every weekend from now on. She should talk, her young mare Classy will be sitting almost a month by the time she gets her to Saskatoon. But she is right, I should be putting the time in on her as much as I can. Till next time. Keep smilin and ridin.
My husband asked me tonight at supper, If I could be doing anything at this moment on such a beautiful night, what would it be? Before I could answer he said, "You'd probably be sitting on the fence watching the horses at Sherry's or riding. What better is there I say!


fernvalley01 said...

Did you mention the toe issue to Angela? Peps is doing well and so are you .But we do have to make an effort to be consistent .

Dusty Devoe said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great summer.

GoLightly said...


GreyMare Blogged!


GoLightly said...

Notice I didn't grumble about the summer word?

How controlled am I??

Toronto got 7 non-consecutive days of summer.


never mind:)