Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Angela (DVM2012) with Blue when he was just a month old

Just thought I would update everyone on my boys. First my son Robert is getting quite settled in his new life living in Hanna. Work has kept him quite busy, reading, renewing first aid, safety training etc. getting ready for when they can get into the field and start doing some real work. He started curling there right away although the season ends soon. He says it a very sleepy town but once summer comes, he's hoping to be very busy working and travelling the province to really worry about finding enough to do in town. He is coming home this weekend for the family day holiday. Hopefully I can get him out riding with me. Load him up with more stuff to help get my basement cleaned out. It's amazing after 27 years in one place how much junk one can hoard.
Up date on my other boy Blue. (4 legged one). I posted earlier that Blue had a visit from Kevin and Sigrid from Blue Equine and how he had become the horse of old. Well he had a bit of a relapse it seems. When Angela (DVM2012)was last out we tried to head out for a ride. Blue seemed somewhat stiff bringing him up from his pen. Thought that maybe he was just stiff as hadn't been out much. Well the longer we went the more lame he became. He was such a brave boy. Tried so hard to go and didn't hesitate when I asked him. I felt horrible about making him go out. I got off him and we walked all the way home. Luckily it was only about 1/4 of a mile. Well called Kevin and they came out on Monday and low and behold, Blue had definitely done something. Kevin figured some of it could have been residual from the first time but he had pulled his stifle and was needing some adjustment to his back and neck. Less than an hour later, he seemed much better, moving out well and carrying himself better. Didn't get a chance then to ride him but hope to this weekend if the conditions permit. The weather is suppose to be good but that can also lead to bad footing, when its not quite warm enough to really melt the snow but just provides a slippery surface. Will wait and see. This is for FV, that if you had your indoor arena, I would be using it all the time. I would have used it on Monday and again this weekend. I would be putting the hours and miles on Peps. I know it takes more than one person using the arena to pay for it but just to let you know, I would be so in. I want to thank Sigrid and Kevin for making my Blue Boy better and if he disappears in the night, I know where to find them.

Robert riding Blue

Angela riding Blue and just look at that nice green grass and blue sky and bare armas. Oh will be so nice soon, we just need to BELEIVE. Do You Beleive?

The opening ceremonies of the winter olympics are on Friday. GO CANADA GO.


fernvalley01 said...

He still seems fine ,standing holding up the fence when I went out to do chores .But good enough to chase poor Badge off of the hay.Spring needs to get here soon! I know an indoor would be lovely,we will have to see if its just a pipe dream or a reality

GoLightly said...

Yes, indeed!


CharlesCityCat said...

Blue is so cute, I love his coloring.

Deep sigh for the summer pictures. We are having someone else's winter here in Virginia, and I really wish they would come get it cause I don't want it anymore. We haven't had one single day in the 70's this whole winter.

greymare said...

CCC, I like your statement, I wish they would come and get it cause I don't want it anymore. Priceless. Feel for you. When you're used to the snow and cold, it is hard to take. we're heading to Vegas and the Grand Canyon for a week at the end of February. Hope its nice cause I need some warmth and some activity. It will get better I hope soon for you and us as well.

Anonymous said...
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