Monday, January 25, 2010


The new year has just begun and already the first month is almost in the history books. What a month it has been. Alot of stuff; good and bad happened this month. Where to start? I guess at the beginning. After a great Christmas, started the year at Fv's sisters for New Years Eve. A quiet affair but a nice visit. Started the vehicles at 11:55 and on the strike of 12, had our champagne, hugs and kisses and all headed off to bed. Great partiers that we are. Angela went back to Saskatoon and son Robert anxiously waited to hear back from a great employment opportunity. He got the call and is heading down to Hanna, Alberta to take a position with Tera Environmental as a Vegetation specialist in three days. This is exactly what he took in university for four years and is very excited. Was suppose to spend the first 3 or 4 days in Calgary for orientation etc. but received an email this week that it will be only 1 day and then into the field. He is very excited about getting back into the field. Not much snow there, very very dry area. So now we have two that have left the nest. Just leaves the youngest at home technically, although we don't see her much with University, extra curricular activities and the social life. She is thinking of heading east to Manitoba for school in the fall. Don't know if I'm ready to have all three gone. The house is already feeling empty. Thank god we have Rosie, our golden retreiver, gives us something to care for.

After loosing my mom over a year ago, I have been looking for something that I could get that would help keep her in my heart and thoughts. We grew up with a wind up mantle chime clock. The Big Ben chime. Now this clock was really loud but we grew used to it and it never kept us up. Well I found one very similar to it. It is not a wind up but a quartz. German made, the same colour, chime and almost the same shape. This one has a night time quiet switch and a volume control so it doesn't disturb anyone's sleep. It chimes every 1/4 hour and then the full hour count on the hour. I love it. Makes me feel good and reminds me of my mom. It is chiming now as I type this. It's funny how certain things from your past can mean so much in the present.

The weather turned from bitterly cold to melting which made the ability to ride my horses pretty impossible. When I did get a chance, all I got was APPYTUDE from my young mare. Going great until a bird flew out of the bush and that was all she needed to end the day. Just put on those appy brakes and there was no way she was going forward. Did manage to get her to some things that I wanted, thanks to FV so we ended the day on a good note. She is a sweetheart of a mare, very loving and gentle, never bucks or anything but boy when she brings forth her stubborn streak, the thighs and legs get quite a work out. I was pretty stiff the next day. Felt as if I had been riding for a week straight.

Angela was home this weekend for a couple of job interviews for the summer. We tried to go for a ride on Sunday, but Blue was pretty sore. We thought maybe just stiff from not going out for awhile, but the longer we went the worse he got. I think it is his shoulder again and am having Sherry contact Kevin to see if he can come check him out again. He was doing really good. The wind was really cold anyway so we would have turned around shortly after that anyway. Angela has the plaque so was quite under the weather for the most part.

Spent as much time at the farm on the weekend as I could. Helped muck out stalls, Ivomeck the cows, etc. I love working at the farm. It is different from what I do during the week and I always feel so alive, although tired, when I come home. Saturday night took the whole family, all five of us to Sherry and Martin's and my husband Brian, son Robert and daughter Cara along with Martin assembled S & M's dining chairs. My hubby loves this type of stuff. Hates to see anything unfinished. If there is something to be done, he is never shy in getting involved and getting the job done. Sometimes his enthusiasim gets the better of him, but at least he's always there, willing to help.

Sherry and I also went to the Horse owners and Breeders conference in Red Deer. It was a fun couple of days. Met lots of new people and some from the past. Horse people are always so friendly I find and love to talk. Some great educational sessions. We had some pretty hilarious times where we were laughing so hard, our stomachs hurt. Trying not to wake each other up with our snoring was a challenge and gave some great fits of laughter afterwards. Thanks Sherry for going with me and it was a great time.

There were alot of fun times, busy times and just good hard work times, but there was also a sad time. Why is it that those that deserve the best get the worst out of life. My brother in law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early this month. He is 57. It is unoperable and even chemo/radiation won't help him. The doctors have given him 9-12 months. I have known this man for most of my life. I think I was 11 or 12 when I first met him. He has been a brother to me more than my own brother has. He was always the shoulder to cry on, the one to give advice, or the one to just listen. If anyone needed a hand, Mike was there. He always put others first. Good Irish boy that loved a good drink, a fun time and good friends. It just isn't fair. Going to head out that way as soon as the weather is good enough for them to open the trailer for the season and then spend some good quality time with he and my sister. She is being so strong through this but I know deep down this is killing her too.

Well this month is almost done and February looks to be just as busy if not busier for me. We booked a trip to Vegas though for the 21 to 26. Taking Angela with us as she has not had a holiday since Christmas of 08. Our first time so if any of you have been and have any pointers as to what to see, where to eat etc. the tips would be great. We are renting a car and heading to the Grand Canyon, Zion national park for a couple of days. Want to try and see one show for sure but there are alot of other attractions in the city to see too. Will be a full five or so days. Looking so forward to it.

Don't have any pictures from the past month to share so have attached some historical footage. enjoy. talk to all again soon.

Angela riding Fernvalley's Jazz

Angela holding some of the kittens from the farm. They almost look like twins

Sherry Angela and I out for one of our too few rides.

Angela and Blue. Even at a young age, she had a way with horses.


fernvalley01 said...

Funny, it feels like so long already since New Years. What a month so far! I did have fun in Red Deer,and I think the bar gang did more to keep me awake than any snoring.
My heart hurts for you about Mike. There are people in our lives , that will never be with us long enough, forever would be to short a stay , but what a blessing while they are here.
Love ya Deb.

fernvalley01 said...

I like that picture of Angela on Jazzy too . How is it that I have never seen it before?

GoLightly said...

I'm so sorry.
Oh, my:(

Words always fail me with this kind of news.

Your other news was so great, and so funny and so exciting and so
Thank you for posting.
I wish I had a word
that would help.
Sincerest sympathy, greymare.
Virtual hugs and pats on the shoulder, from Toronto.

fernvalley01 said...

Shirley ,I did not present at the conference (thank goodness I would have had a heart attack) My fear/concerns were just about the crowds and meeting new people. It was a great conference and I am glad Deb convinced me to go

NOBODY said...
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