Monday, May 27, 2013


Well we asked for rain and boy did we ever get it. But before the rain, we had wind. So much so , that our dock system at the lake was pretty much dismantled by mother nature. Not only were dock pieces stuck in the mud and bull rushes (what was left of them) but we had debris from all around the lake. Thanks to Sherry for taking pictures. We had hoped to put it all back together this weekend, but the rains came.It's amazing how instantly with just a bit or rain, how everything greens up. So instead of working on the dock, I decided to help Sherry move the horses around for better grass. We moved the pregnant ladies no problem, other than the gate being snugged so tight we had to use a lead rope and pull with all of our might to get it open. The girls were such ladies, went in to their new pasture without any problems. So then went to Sherry's sisters for coffee before we moved the geldings. Good thing we did, as the heavens opended up agian with a down pour and hail, thunder, the whole gammit of weather. The rain stopped so we headed out to move the geldings.Now this is where my title, SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE comes in. Over the past 30 yrs that Sherry and I have known each other, we have run into situations that could be portrayed in a CM Russell painting. We have been in mud up to our butts, wrestled calves, built bridges, fixed fences in what some would call challenging situations. So any way we head to the bottom of the pastures to move the boys and wouldn't you know it, the heavens open up again with a down pour. We are soaked through and then begin laughing and thinking of all the times we have been in this situation. At least I didn't walk out of my boots in the mud. Years ago, the mud was so deep and we we're moving cows and I had to keep baby from charging past me so I ran to stop him and my boots stayed in the mud but I kept running. Just one of many situations that Sherry and I share between us. We both may be getting older and our bodies don't react like we wish they would, but I wouldn't change a thing and whenever the situation arises and she needs me to help, I'll be there trudging through the mud, crossing a creek on a log, fixing fences with whatever bit of baling twine we can find,getting soaked in the rain, it won't matter as we have such memories and a real special friendship and I hope that "SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE" . Maybe someday there might be a book produced chronicalling all of our exploits at Fern Valley Farms. No pictures as they are all in my head and will be there forever. Oh Sunday, we did manage to fix the dock and start cleaning up the lake front. Again I was in rubber boots with a pitch fork in hand, standing in mud, getting stuck and thinking back to all the great times on the farm. Till next time.


aurora said...

Wonderful memories & friendship to keep you trudging!

fernvalley01 said...

must be why we both look so young LOL all those mud baths! As always thanks for the help and the memories