Sunday, July 21, 2013


Well little miss Oakley's Arctic Heather finally has a barn name. Tossed about a number of choices. She is so tiny and petite looking and had an Angel looking over her when she was born, that the name SPRITE was chosen for her. Sherry brought it up to me and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. You could also relate it to the drink theme. Her moms name is Pepsi, and she being so white could be Sprite. Play on words there. Anyhow, the little miss has a name and an attitude apparently. I guess she felt it necessary to tell her big brother what the boundaries were. I guess she is starting to explore abit on her own and follow her siblings around.. Mom is somewhat very protective so to get a picture of her by herself has been somewhat of a chore. Thanks to Sherry for taking the pictures and getting me my baby fix for the day. I couldn't see her this weekend as Friday, went with Sherry to see REBA and then Saturday we had our annual community garage sale and then Sunday went back into the city to watch Angela (DVM2012) at the River Valley Horse Show at Whitemud Equine Centre. I love watching her as she is living my dream. She and Eurus were amazing this week. Their first official show. I told Eurus today as I was tacking him up for her that he needed to jump like he had wings and I think he almost was. I did three classes in a horse show once and got two seconds and a sixth with my old mare Schiroc, whom Angela started her riding career with. She was no Eurus but boy she had try and that funny looking Appy put many big warmbloods in their place. It is so much fun and excitement to watch your children excel in what they love.



fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a n awesome show for Angela, and thanks again for the concert invite! I had a wonderful time

GoLightly said...

Oh, MY!!
How proud you must be, what a summer for your family, congratulations!

Sprite is perfect for her, little Sprite, and isn't she opinionated, good girl!

OH, I'm taking my blog to private for a little while, for personal reasons, if you'd like to continue reading my blathers, ask Fern to send me your e-mail address?

Enjoy, bask in those memorable days!

C-ingspots said...

Oh my, she is absolutely adorable!!! And she is big in the britches - where it counts too...LOVE the attitude. :) Looks like big bro certainly has some respect. When our big colt, Ladde was born, he looked a lot like her coloring-wise. Huge snowcap blanket that went up and included the withers, just like hers. He was a chocolate brown though, and he's almost totally white now except he still has brown ears and brown lower legs with hind socks. He's also got some varnish marks on his face. She also has an incredible hip! Hubba hubba!! I'm like you, probably would have called her Lil Miss cause she's so dainty, but Sprite will suit her I think. Congratulations on a little angel with some "tude. :)
Angela looks very professional and authentic riding her big guy. He's a looker too, I think. Your vacation sounds awesome!!!