Thursday, May 21, 2009


Peps and I having a chat and keeping in touch.

Sherry and I out for our ride on her birthday. These were taken last fall but we still ride the same horses, down the same road even now. Just imagine bare trees and no colour.

My pooch Rosie and her Baby before we took kitty to her new home.

It's been over a month since I last blogged. I have sat here many times staring at the screen wondering what to write. Started a couple times and then deleted. Nothing really much exciting happens in my life, in fact I find it quite mundane sometimes. But a good friend of mine convinced me that even though I think it as mundane, blogging is a good way to express my self. There have been some ups the last month. My daughter (chronicles of a vet student) is home now for the summer and working for the local vet. Absolutely just loving it. She hasn't blogged either in awhile as she is living out at our Cottage and we don't have internet, although her Aunty Sherry says she can use her computer, I think Angela is just so tired most nights and when she's not she's riding. She and I and Sherry went for a great ride on May 2nd, which was Sherry's birthday. Brought back many memories. Sherry and I used to go on the Alberta Trail Riders Association Canceer ride every year, which was always around her birthday. Was a great ride. The next week Angela and I went out for about an hour.Our annual Mother's Day ride. My first time at a distance since my accident. Even managed a rather long jog. Went to the annual Glenevis Spring Social. Great Dinner and dance. My husband and I used to go dancing every Saturday to the Looma Hall. We hadn't been out on a date for some time. We danced and enjoyed ourselves. He even learned to two step, thanks to Angela who came with us. We helped process calves last Saturday. I was in charge of filling syringes & keeping track of how many bulls, heifers went through. Really enjoy working on the farm. Find it very theraputic. After that Angela and I used our horses to follow the cow/calves out to the pasture and then went for a great trail ride. We both said almost simultaneously, who needs to trailer horses to a ride, we have our own Cancer ride. We rediscovered trails that we had forgotton about. There is so much property to ride on, it is so beautiful. Wish we had taken some pictures. My boy Blue has been going real well too so we went for an extended lope and I actually gave him his head and let him open up. I haven't felt the wind in my hair and bugs in my teeth for a long long time and it felt so good. My back actually held up really well. This past weekend, the weather was mostly miserable, but I did rescue one of the kittens on the farm and found her a home with my Boss at work. She lost her cat of 17 years. She and Peaches are a great pair. Nice to see her so happy. Feels good to give the little creature a chance at a good spoiled life. My only real regret is that my daughter and I haven't had alot of time to work my young mare Peps. We restarted her again this month. She's been off since October since the accident. I was really hoping to get her going again. the weather is finally suppose to improve so hopefully we will get some more time with her soon. I'm almost tempted to get on her myself as things were going really good before but I keep questioning myself and talking myself out of it. Although none of the foals expected this year are mine, I am sure excited about their arrival. Can't wait. My youngest daughter is graduating from Grade 12 next month so she and I have been shopping trying to complete the ensemble, shoes, bag, accessories etc. I enjoy spending time with her this way. Anyway that's been the good spots this past month. Now that summer is suppose to be arriving, I'm sure there will be more. One of my favorite things to do is to go bedding plant shopping (which is my Mother's day gift every year) with my girls and then spend the day planting. Hopefully this weekend.

some of the lillies that are coming up in my garden.


fernvalley01 said...

Those flowers are gorgeous ,are they the same as what you gave me last year? I have no flowers coming yet.
Seems to me like a good life ,you have a lot to say an a lot to offer Deb , just have a little faith in you ,like I do!

GoLightly said...

Hey, grey mare!

Thanks for this post. I keep forgetting to put you on my blog list. I'm slow, as you may have noticed.
I blame that on the lack of bugs in my teeth. HAH!
So happy you are back riding!
AND your back held up! YES!!
That vet kid of yours is amazing.
How proud you must be of her! And a grade 12 graduate too?
Wow, kudos to your mothering skills. You are a tremendous mare.
Please keep updating. Love to hear what is happening in your life.
It's so ... real.
You don't live in Toronto. Please, just remember that.
and be grateful you don't!
I'm sorry I haven't kept bugging you to post. I think now that good weather's here, we will all be a bit more distracted.

Don't stop blathering, Please??
Otherwise, I'll blather onandonand ON in your comments:)
You have been warned:)
Have a great day!

hey, talk about your accident, if it will help.
if not, don't.
I sure know how fear feels.

So good to know you are there.

Hugs and scritches and schlobbers..

and off to add you to my blog list..

nccatnip said...

Grey mare, keep writing, don't delete. When that urge to hit delete comes, save as a draft. It means something wanted out, just not ready to hatch yet.
IMO, each blog develops a life of it's own. It starts out as the author intended but can have many twists and turns and go left when you meant right.
We all get bloggers block and sometimes I think it helps to just post pics or something to get past it. Post anything.
Was this too much?
Oh and HI!!!!! :) I love your daughter. If her hands smell like coffee, it is because of me.

greymare said...

Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words and encouragement. My blogger friends are starting to mean alot to me as you all listen and don't judge. I will make a great effort to talk more often. Hey GoLightly, not only do I have my girls but my son, the oldest just graduated from Conservation Biology and is working in the Lethbridge area. Yes I am very proud of my kids and where they're headed. Thanks

greymare said...

Sherry, the lillies I gave you last year are a deep orange in colour and should be coming up already. Mine are up about 6 inches. Hopefully the dogs didn't dig them up or eat them. I could probably dig up some more for you. thanks for your support.

CharlesCityCat said...

Hi Greymare,

I'm CCC. I have felt the same as you, I don't have much interesting to say but my good buddies talked me into it. I like posting pictures and talking about them. Your pics were really good. The doggy with kitty was adorable and the flowers are spectacular.

GL did not make an idle threat there, if you don't put something up on a regular basis, she will nag you to within an inch of your life and she can whine with the best of them.

***runs away giggling***

GoLightly said...

Wow, AND you foaled a good boy!!!

(shakes head)
How often does that happen!

I always cower to any words by CCC.
She has crias, coming soon.

yeah, pictures will keep us happy, too:)
Loved your pics.

GoLightly said...

Anybody got a match?

I'm lighting the camp-fire..

(cough, cough, cough)

(clears throat, loudly)

Oh,sorry, did I disturb you?


fernvalley01 said...

Did you go for your Latte to recharge yet?