Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It has been over a year since I last posted. Wasn't sure if I would ever again but things have a way of working themselves out. I won't bore you with the past year's events but certain ones from this year I need to express. First of all in March, we lost our dear golden retreiver Rosey rather unexpectedly. She suffered a severe seizure from what drs say was a ruptured stomach tumour. She was only 11. just over 2 mths short of her 12th birthday. I was devastated by her quick passing, but I knew having her humanley euthanised was the best for her. I couldn't see her suffer. Good news is we are bringing home our new puppy on the 17th of September. She will never replace Rose, just as Rose never replaced Holly, but there is room in our hearts for another. She is another golden retreiver. We will be setting Rosey's ashes next to Holly's under the willow tree at the lake very soon. Just this past Sunday, I said goodbye to my beloved gelding "BLUE". He suffered for years with unknown lameness issues. He saw chiropractors, equine massage specialists and many others until last June (2010), he was officially diagnosed with navicular disease by my daughter, Angela, DVM 2012 and a partner from a clinic she was working at. We tried a number of treatments, the best being corrective shoeing and arthritis meds. This kept him comfortable and fairly sound for a year and then this year, nothing seemed to help. He was having difficulty walking, getting up and was in alot of pain. He went very peacefully and thanks to Dr. Dave for making it so. Special thanks to my dear friend Sherry for helping me through this. She has been through this and truly knows how it feels. You need to know what the right thing to do is and when to do it even though it tears at your heart.
Blue was born at Fern Valley Farms on August 19, 1994. He was perfect. He lived his whole live there and became very special to everyone who knew him. He was a kids horse right from day one. I don't know how many pictures we have of him with 4 or 5 kids drapped all over him. He became mr reliable, mr safe for all who rode him. He looked after everyone and never complained. I lost Schiroc, Blue's dam in 2006 and now him in 2011. Someone once siad to me, We do not ask horses to be part of our lives, we ask to be part of theirs. I would like to quote Iian Shamir, the author of Advice from Nature series,
Take life's hurles in stride
Loosen the reins
Be free spirited
Keep the burrs from under your saddle
Carry your friends when they need it
Keep stable
Gallop to greatnesss
I learned alot of this from my horses and will continue to enjoy my mare Peps and my daughters horse Digger.
I will introduce you to the newest member of our family after the 17th.
Thanks for listening.


fernvalley01 said...

Hugs to you , and goodbye to our sweet prince, nuff said

aurora said...

Welcome back to the blog-sphere! I found you through Fern Valley, she's quite a gal.

So sorry for the hard losses of your beloved special ones, may they rest in peace...

That is one great poem!!

GoLightly said...

Glad to see you back, if only to express your sorrow. Hugs and thanks for being there. Your heart will heal, you know it always does. Your animals couldn't have been in a kinder place.
All the best, and I look forward to new poopy pics!

C-ingspots said...

Oh bless your heart Deb...from one animal lover to another, I can relate to how much it hurts to lose someone you love so much. I'm so, so sorry for your losses. Absolutely beautiful animals, both of them! I'm so glad they were in your life! You know that your life was enriched because of them. God sent them to you to be their caretaker, out of all the people in the world, He chose you! Be thankful for them, and when you're ready, you'll love someone again and give them a wonderful home. Big hugs to you!! Blessings...Lorie
So glad you're getting a puppy. A reason to smile again!

greymare said...

Thankyou all for your kind words of support.It was a difficult time but something I knew had to be done with both of them. I still have my girl Peps whom I bred this year to Cactus so hopefully there will be another b/w foal running around next summer. Get puppy this friday so I will post pictures and such when she comes home.A quote from the TV show the Wonder Years " MAYBE PART OF LOVING IS LEARNING TO LET GO"