Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is the Autumn the week we brought her home.

This is her and Elliott the cat during a time out

This is my little "EWOK"

Now this can be taken two ways. One the season Autumn has arrived with a bang. We actually hit 32 degrees (celcius) that is for the first time this year. The weather has been unbelievable this month. The colours are stunning. Went out in the boat the other night and the setting sun reflecting off the golden trees was breathtaking. I always enjoy keeping the boat in that extra month to enjoy the colours and peacefulness of the lake. Two, my little Autumn is now almost 9 weks old. I weighed her this morning and my scale must be wrong as it said the difference between holding her and not holding her on the scale was 16 lbs. She cannot possibly weigh that much. She is growing fast and her potty training is going well. Sleeps about 6 hours at night now and when she does wake up, she wakes us up to go out. The only time she has an accident is when she is so busy rough housing with the cat that she forgets. She knows she's done bad cause if you say her name and ask what have you done, she sulks and slinks off. We started walking on a leash this past week. We are now going around the block, although she'd rather go without but she is getting to fast for me to catch her now and in the city don't want to take a chance of her running onto the road. At the lake, she can run free. She loves to sleep on her back and her ears flip back and she looks like an EWOK from Starwars fame. I could go on and on about her. All I'll say is that is sure is nice having her around and having another dog in my life. "OUR WHOLE LIFE DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND DOGS, BUT HAVING AND LOVING DOGS MAKES OUR LIFE WHOLE" Truer words cannot be said


GoLightly said...

TOO cute! Great to hear how well she's doing, and how many smiles she's giving you! Nothing like a puppy to make the world a little brighter, eh?

Thanks for posting, sure made my day:)

fernvalley01 said...

She sure is a cutie . And as far as the scale goes...who knows, Win weighed 13 lbs when he came home