Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Elliott in the suit bag making sure he didn't get left behind.

This is how Autumn spent most of the road trip

Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend. Had to take a road trip this weekend to pick up Angela's (DVM2012) horse Eurus from Saskatoon. She won't have alot of time this coming winter to ride him so felt it was better to have him home here than pay high boarding fees and he couldn't stay at where he was. He had been at a temporary location for the last week of September. Felt since we were going anyway we would return Mr. Elliott the cat back to her. She has been on an extended externship and vacation. So weekend started with hubby heading to Fernvalley to pick up the truck and trailer. I need to thank Sherry (FV) for loaning us her new trailer and her hubby's truck. We couldn't have done this otherwise. Hubby gets back to the city with the unit and we load up Elliott and Autumn who is just 9 weeks old and we head east. This is a 5 to 6 hour trip.I must say the trip went really well. Puppy waited till we got gas at Lloydminster, 2 1/2 hrs, east of Edmonton and then we stopped at a little place called Maidstone Saskatchewan for a lunch break. Got to Saskatoon at about 3:30 p.m. just when Ange and her brother Rob arrived from Winnipeg. Ange and I went and saw Eurus, who was very excited to see her and then went back to her place and unloaded the cat and the dog, who met two more cats. They didn't think to much of this fur ball hell on wheels. She stayed the night with Angela. I must say, it was really nice having a good night's sleep. The hotel was quiet and no puppy to look after. Mini holiday for me. Next morning, Ange met us with Puppy and we headed to Eurus's old location to pick up her tack and other tons of stuff and then head to get Eurus. He is located 40 klms east of Saskatoon, heading the wrong direction for us. After getting him loaded we head out for another 6 hour drive west, actually 7 because we had to take him to Sherry's sister-in-laws place which is about an hour west of Edmonton. Stopped in Edmonton first to drop off Puppy at home and then continued on. Eurus seemed no worse for wear. He travelled really well. Settled in to the hay right away. It was quite the adventure, but being parents, you do what needs to be done to help out your kids. I think Angela is very fortunate to have a very special Auntie who too cannot say no and goes out of her way to help her as much as possible. A big thank you to Sherry again and to her sister in-law Connie and Neice Rene for taking in Eurus whether it be short term of for the long haul, we don't know but appreciate very much all that everyone has done to make this unfortunate situation a much better experience. Although we miss Elliott the cat, things are somewhat calmer around here and Autumn is having no trouble keeping her self occupied. Looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving out at the cottage. Autumn had her vet check in Saskatoon and passed with flying colours. She can meet her new friends Winston and Skeeter this weekend. Should be fun.


fernvalley01 said...

Glad it went well, he did travel well, and Connie is on the caes of helping him regain the condition he has lost. He is his sweet old self , no sign of aggression ,ER hollered at him and he just dropped his head, sniffed noses with Eddie and settled in to eating. Talked with Connie last night and he had a big drink too getting rehydrated after hsi big adventuire as well . The seem pleased to have him, they haven't really seen him since he was a baby ,but you know how horse folk are, "once it's our baby , it always is "

fernvalley01 said...

should brag here, cleaned out the trailer last night , then had to back it around the corner ,and up the driveway, to park it .Only took 3 tries!LOL

greymare said...

Brian only two trys to back it into the driveway to get Eurus. No where to turn around so wanted to back in and pull out the way we came. He had a blast with the trailer. He loves adventures.