Friday, October 21, 2011


Autumns first bath

Time to play in the leaves

Here Mom, let me help you with that.

I've been meaning to update all week but like FV says, time management is an issue. With me too I guess. Since I last posted, it has been a very busy time. Was at a conference on the weekend, Friday and Saturday. It was too nice to spend all of a beautiful autumn day inside so snuck out early and helped hubby with the fall clean up. We live on a corner lot in a very old tree lined neighbourhood. Needless to say we get a ton of leaves to rake up every year. This year, I must say was a lot of fun. We had our own little Autumn helping us. Saturday she decided to help with the bags. As I was filling, she was redistributing. Then on Sunday, she decided it was play time not work time. She is growing up so fast. She is now 12 weeks old, 25 lbs, a foot high and two feet long. A little dog now, not a puppy. Then on Wednesday, it was bath day. After playing in the leaves and digging holes in the yard, she was not the pretty cream colour, more of a muted gray. So in the bath tub for a quick bath and then a blow dry. She wasn't sure at first, but in the end, she seemed to be fine with it all. We're going on three half hour walks a day now so I am really starting to feel the difference. My clothes fit better and I am feeling alot better physically too. Heading back out to the lake for the weekend and hopefully get a ride in on either Digger or Peps or both and maybe even talk FV into coming with me. I know Johnnie would love to get out. It seems all I blog about now is the puppy but really the rest of my life is pretty ordinary. Nothing new with my kids right now, everyone is just busy with their own lives. Angela (DVM2012) is coming home the first two weeks of November to study for her NAVLE, (Licensing exam). Should see her for abit though. I know she'll want to see both of her ponies, which means I might get a chance to go for a ride with her as well. Have a nice weekend everyone.


fernvalley01 said...

A new puppy to blog about is nothing to sneeze at! I would love to get a ride in , but we will see ,should be working with the others too so ...

GoLightly said...

Nothing like a new puppy for increasing fitness levels!

MAN, I need to catch a ride out there, Johnnie NEEDS me:)

She's adorable, and every moment is to be savoured, this is the beginning of her long happy life, no point ignoring it!
Thanks for posting, always fun to see puppies growing like weeds..