Friday, January 30, 2009

Am I Really Too Old

Before I start, just want to update my previous entry on the NYC carriage horses. Won't say much other than add sites for you to check if you wish. One I think conveys my thoughts pretty good is and the other is the follow up from the ASPCA,

Now for today's topic. Need to know if I really am too old. Start at the beginning with my old mare, Schiroc, which this blog is named after. She was the most trusted, best companion any one could have. Unfortunately, age started getting the better of both of us. Retired her and was using her son, who is 15 now as my riding horse. Got it in my head that I needed a new young one to work with so after many many prospects, my friend Sherry found an add for a grey and white appy filly. No pictures, just an add. Well talked her into going to see this girl and with trailer in tow, we headed out. Well as soon as I saw her it was Schiroc all over again. Looked so much like her. Gave this filly the winter off and started her fresh in the spring of 08. After loosing Schiroc at Easter and working with this filly I knew it was the right move. Training went really well and by summer I was riding her. We had been on maybe seven rides outside the round pen with other horses and all seemed well. On thanksgiving weekend, (Oct. 10th) I was out with my daughter and son and somehting happened, Peps spooked and all I remember is lying on the ground not being able to move. Now I have come off horses many times and always, cursed at myself, picked myself up, got back on and continued on my way. Well Sherry knew something was seriously wrong when she went to help me up and I was really nasty. (Sorry Sher) Ended up in the hospital black and blue and very very sore. Make a long story short, I broke three ribs and ended up fracturing my spine in three places. Needless to say I haven't ridden since, almost four months. My heart is telling me that I need to get back on a horse and get going again. So I thought this weekend, I would get on my old gelding Blue, he's 15, very laid back and an awesome boy. Although in his younger days, he airmailed me a couple times. My head and body (I'm 50 with fibormyalgia and arthritis) though, are telling me that maybe its's time to call my riding days goodbye and just work with my horses on the groung. I love Peps and she is a real doll. I know she didn't mean for this too happen as she has never shown a mean bone or response since I've had her. My question is how do I get over my apprenhension and get back to doing what I love to do and have been doing for over 30 years. Do I send her out to someone to finish or do I dig deep and get my confidence back with Blue and then continue on with her. I promised my husband that she was the last horse I would ever need and I really want to be riding in my senior years. I need your help her fellow horse people. How does one get over a tramatic event and get on with life. (Will post a picture when I get home to my computer)

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fernvalley01 said...

Ultimately Deb ,this is going to be up to you . No one of us can tell you what to do. What I do know is that your love of horse and riding will be at odds with your fear until you dceide . I do get it ,after by wreck with ritchie I was convinced I had lost all skills. Take your time and I will back you 100% whatever you decide.