Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let me Catch Up

Just thought I would get into the 21st century. After reading other blogs and posting replies, thought I would set up my own. Don't know where to start. Start with a little background I guess. I'm married with three teen/adult children, who require more of my time now than they did when they were younger. We own a cottage lot on Lac Ste. Anne nw of Edmonton and we own a home in Edmonton. I work part time, for the Alberta SPCA, keep two residences, and help out as often as I can on the farm, Fern Valley Appaloosas. I also am on the council of our summer village. Needless to say I keep myself busy. I have two horses myself and our family has a total of four, a golden retreiver, three birds, fish and lizards. Don't know how often I'll post but it will be nice to talk to others when need be or just vent or express my thoughts. See where this goes.

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fernvalley01 said...

Hi good to see you online.Can't wait to see what you write about