Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been a horse person all my life as well as an animal lover. I work for the Alberta SPCA so have seen alot of animal abuse and neglect. Made reservations for a trip to NYC in April. Of course, what is the most sought after attraction in NY. A horse drawn carriage ride thru Central Park. While studying the options via the internet discovered that a move is about in NYC to ban the horse & carrigae activities due to animal cruelty. Did some research and discovered, all drivers have to licensed, they have strict rules set out by the American SPCA, such as can only work 6 hrs a day. Must have a break after 3 hrs. with food and water being available at all times while at rest Can't work if it is too hot or too cold, etc. These animals are in excellent body condition. I see nothing wrong with horses working to earn a living as long as they are well cared for and not in any danger. Some of the protesters reasons are that the horses have to work in the wet cold snow, their food is damp, etc. What about ranch horses who work all winter, in all temperatures or police horses who work in the same conditions. Is this animal abuse? If this is abuse than all horses in the eventing world, ranch horses, race horses, pleasure horses should be retired to a pasture to become large expensive lawn ornaments. There are places in this world where horses work 24/7 with no vet care, proper food etc. In Mongolia for instance they have no vet care or concern for their horses. If they die, they eat them. In Cuba, horses, oxen etc. are the mainstay of that countries transportation, Without them, the average person could not travel, earn a living or haul food or water. What about dogs that work for a living in some pretty dangerous conditions? Rescue dogs, sled dogs, helper dogs for the handicapped. How far do these "animal rights" people want to go. What are your thoughts? I think horses, dogs etc. like to work. I know my ponies sure enjoy getting out. I will for the first time in four months get on my boy this weekend and we will both enjoy it, although I am a little apprehensive. But that is for another day. I will fill you in on why next time.


fernvalley01 said...

Alright Deb! starting out with a bang! can't say much as you know me well enough to know my thoughts. Just I hate that "some is good ,more is better" philosophy people develop ,Animal rights generally starts out to protect the animals from abuse and or neglect ,then some extremists become involved and it becomes more about the "cause" than the truth.Hmm guess I did have a couple thoughts after all.

Reddunappy said...

Talk about horses loving their jobs, I remember reading stories about the old fire truck horses, they would learn the bell codes to what area of the city they needed to go to and years after their retirement if they heard bells they would get all excited and try to go where they had learned, I always thought it was an amazing story.
I would love to have a carriage ride in NYC someday, no I dont think the horses are abused, to many people watching and regulations, they have carriage horses here in Portland to, I have seen them, but never taken a ride.

Great start, great story!

dvm2012 said...

Go Mom!