Monday, March 30, 2009


Haven't posted in awhile as there really hasn't been much to post about. Spring is finally here I think. Water running everywhere. Walked my Golden Retreiver today for an hour. She is now a black golden. Had a beauitul weekend at the lake and the farm. We were able to sit on our front deck on Saturday afternoon and enjoy a good drink after a hard days work at the farm. My husband Brian decided to help Sherry with some chores. When he starts something he is determined to finish. Decided to clean out Cat and Ande's shelter. Took out four bucket loads with the loader. While he was doing that I decided to spend some time with my filly Peps. She is a little bit of a bull dozer when it comes to being led. Walks all over me. We spent an hour with Sherry's help educating her on the finer points of being led. By the end of it all she walked down to her pen like an old soldier. She learned fast. Sunday morning woke up to another beautiful day. Had our morning coffee on our front deck listening to the birds and enjoying the peace and quiet. Decided to take my boy Blue out for a ride. So Rose (golden retreiver) Blue and I headed up the gravel road, which was very soft so perfect footing. On the way back, passed the same group of horses that we met on the way out but this time Blue decides that he is a big fancy show horse or something; head up, snorting to beat the band, tail straight in the air and pranced all the way home. Crazy old fool. Maybe its just spring and he feels good. I kinda enjoyed it myself too.
One more day and we leave for the bright lights of New York City. Leave april 1st. It is around 60 degrees F during the day so am looking so forward to wearing short sleeves, no coat and no winter boots. It will sure be a nice break, missing a few days of the mud and slush will be great. Hope to walk off a few pounds. When the Oakleys travel anywhere it is a forced march. So much to see in so little time. Have to make good use of all the day light. That's my husband's motto. He has been researching and making notes for a month already. Will tell you all about it when we get home. Everyone have a good week.


fernvalley01 said...

Glkad you surfaced again before heading out on your trip ,I am sure I will talk to you before ,but if not have a wonderful time ,and take lots of pictures!

Dusty Devoe said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I can't wait to get out on the trails. said...

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