Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've been asked where are the new blogs. Well I just haven't had much to say. I enjoy reading everyone else's stories and just feel I don't really have anything interesting to say. Been very busy with the day to day life of a mom and wife. My daughter Angela (dvm2012) was home for a week in February. Spent a couple days with her at the farm. She was farmsitting. We enjoyed some nice days. Went for another ride, 2nd time since my accident. Blue my gelding was so excited to get out as was I. We even managed not only a lengthy jog, but also about six or seven strides of a lope. Felt so good. Worked with my young filly Pepsi, (coming 4 this month). Lounged her and put the saddle back on her, first time since the accident. Angela put the saddle on her yearling, and the two of us walked Eurus and Peps down the road. Peps seems to not have forgotten anything. Took the bridle, saddle etc like a pro. Been doing alot of bending and giving to the bit with her. She is such a sweetheart. My son and I are quite the avid Oilers fans so we spent yesterday(Trade deadline day) glued to the TV; he had his cell phone programmed that every time there was a trade, he would be notified at school.Then spent last night talking and digesting all the trades. I find it a great way to spend time with him. He's so busy with finishing his 5th year of University, we don't get alot of time together. He graduates this April and could be gone from home not just for the summer but permanently. Not sure if I'm ready to have my first born leave the nest. He had an interview for a summer position working in the Ya Ha Tinda area near Banff. Riding horses for the whole summer.(Now that's hard to take) Angela and I told him that if he does get this position that we are coming for a visit on his off days and he is taking us riding. I've always wanted to go there. Someone still owes me a ride either there or somewhere close to the moutains, but I won't mention names, She knows who she is. My youngest is graduating grade 12 this year and is very much the social butterfly. We're taking a trip to New York City the first week of April. She's hoping to find a grad dress there ($$$) yikes. Also wants to catch a play on Broadway. Will be exciting. Regardless what everyone's individual thoughts are on the horse drawn carrige situation in New York, I do intend on at least checking it out and seeing for myself whether these animals are abused or not. If my first instinct and thoughts are that they are indeed abused, than I will refrain from this activity. I am hoping though that they are not as I am really looking forward to seeing Central Park this way. I would post pictures of my week, but Angela has not forwarded me any. She has them all on her camera. some can be seen on her blog, oakleydvm2012 and I will post others once she gets them to me. I know spring is around the corner as my boy Blue is shedding like crazy. He and his mom were always good indicators of season changes. His mom Schiroc was never wrong in the 26 years that she was with me. (it's been almost a year since she left me). He has her ability. So although it is -27 with that dreaded wind chill and there is 3 feet of snow on the ground, I see light at the end of the avalanche. Till next time.


fernvalley01 said...

Boy that person that owes you a trip, is she beautiful sweet and a really good buddy? or is it me?

Shirley said...

Your son will love the YaHa Tinda. I went there a couple of years ago with Beamer and the scenery is breathtaking. There are easy rides and more challenging ones, and the horse camping area is pretty good. If you don't want to take your own horse there is an outfit there that picks people up at the camping area in a stagecoach and takes them to their cabins where you can use their horses for guided trail rides.

GoLightly said...

Ooooh, darn.
That's who you is.
(red face)
Yeah, we forgot the invitations.
It was kinda impromptu.

What' that?
I'm from ToroNOT, we, who have brains, hate hockey here. Go Leafs, sob, gone, every freakin' year... I was 14 when the Loafs won the cup. 1969. I think.
Since then, well, you know.
Rather watch paint dry. Toronto has a better chance of winning at paint drying..

greymare said...

Hey FV You got it right on both accounts. I'm still holding you to it.

greymare said...

Thanks Shirley for the info. Even if he doesn't get the job, Ange and I still want to go for a ride. Do you know the name of the company. Why go through the hassel of trailering our own, if there's horses there unless my good buddy comes along with her trailer and can kill two birds with one stone. I'll take that as fulfilling her promise.

greymare said...

Hey Golightly, Don't worry about it, theres always next years party. FV and hubby go every year.

The Oilers play Toronto on Saturday. the way they're playing (lost to Ottawa of all things(. doesn't look like we have much hope either of even getting in the playoffs, let alone winning the cup.

kestrel said...

Hi there! Hoo boy, the great stories on blogs! Who knew!
Love your attitude, and no....we're never too old. I think it's just as hard for an injured young rider to get back up. Of course, being older means that I splat rather than bounce, but then I have a few years on you and RA also. You go girl!
I also really like how you checked out the carriage horses. So many people get all their exercise leaping to conclusions. The very best horses come from working blood lines in my opinion. The temperament that shows well is not always what we need on a trail or for usefulness in the real world!

C-ingspots said...

Okay, I've finally made it!! I've been trying to leave a comment for you for over a week. Dadgummed computer problems anyway!!
So...very glad you stopped by my blog. It's always fun to meet new people and especially Appaloosa lovers! You are doing research into the Ghost Wind line of horses huh? VERY interesting story. I would be happy to make a copy of Siri's papers for you and send them off. Just get me your address and I'll do it. Her lineage is straight out of the book. At least the book we have, might be the same out of print book you referred to...The Ghost Wind Stallion as told by George LongGrass or something like that. It's just a small book, but it's a very interesting read. I'm a little confused by a comment you made though - something about Siri and her daughter?? We tried to breed Siri but never had any luck. She's had no offspring that we're aware of, but then I've never really checked into it. Wasn't meant to be, at least in our case. But we love Siri - she's been a great mountain horse. She's pretty much retired now, just had her 27th birthday, but she's doing very well.
Anyway, send me your address and I'll send you those papers. It would be very interesting to hear what you're able to turn up!
Take care.