Thursday, March 12, 2009


what a gorgeous day today. The Siberian High has finally left. It's been bitterly cold this week. We are about 30 degrees warmer than it was on Monday, maybe even 40 degrees but who's counting. Even the birds are happy. Opened my door today and the sound of the chickadees and sparrows was so nice to the ears. It will be sometime though before we see any type of greenery, although Angela did find pussy willows while out riding the week she was farm sitting. Stupid trees, little did they know that winter was still here. Even the horses were fooled. Earlier in February, they were starting to shed already. Thought it was a good sign. Oh well, its almost the middle of March, and spring officially arrives on the 21st, so there's no way we'll have more cold weather right. God only knows. Thanks to my good friend Sherry ( for analyzing pictures from the past year of my riding. I know I didn't like what I saw myself doing and she pointed out today the same issues that I was having. I know Angela (oakleydvm2012) mentioned the same things to me earlier as well. I have had lower back trouble for some time and I think I have been compensating for this in my riding posture. The last two times that I have been out riding since I really hurt my back from my spill, my posture has changed and my horse had noticed as well. Both rides were amazing, felt the way it did from my younger riding days. I know even sitting at the computer or on the couch, I cannot slouch or do the old couch potatoe thing. My back hurts now if I don't sit right. Maybe this accident was meant to happen, just like it was heaven sent that I found Peps to replace my old girl Schiroc. Not only in appearance are they alike, Peps is more mottled, but still very much the same, but her mannerisms and escape abilities are almost identical. Anyway thanks Sher, I really do appreciate the critique. The horse with the yellow leaves for a background is my old girl Schiroc and the other one tied to the fence is my new mare Pepsi. Do you think they look alike?


fernvalley01 said...

Yeesh Deb in those 2 pics it is uncanny ! Maybe because I remember Shiroc in her Heyday when she was thicker and more heavily muscled. The biggest difference is I think Peps likes me ,Shiroc well I know she trusted me but like???

greymare said...

Yeah Schiroc knew not to piss you off as you were the boss lady and the food supply. she didn't like to many people. You let it be known right form the start that you were the head hauncho in the herd. She would test the limits though at times wouldn't she. I think that's why deep down people liked her but didn't want to admit it most of the time. She had a verry strong survival instint that mare. She knew when to push and when not to. I sure do miss that old girl.